Transforming your Instagram account from one of a regular, everyday user to an Influencer in your area of expertise requires some serious time dedication and hard work. However, there are always some quick tricks to up your game and give you a little boost. Here are five of the top hacks to becoming an Instagram Influencer.

Hack #1 – Pick An Angle

You’ve chosen your niche and you’re posting regularly and interacting with everyone, but your account seems to have plateaued. Think about what makes your account stand out from the crowd, what makes you worth following over other users? If the answer is nothing, then you need to change it up. There is always a different angle or perspective to take to make your account stand out.

There are an astronomical amount of parenting accounts out there, but how could you make yours stand out? Look at The Honest Toddler account, 141,000 users follow this account because of the unique perceptive that it’s written from the view of the toddler rather than the parent.

Whatever makes you stand out from the crowd, embrace it and use it to your advantage.

Hack #2 – Confidence

If you want people to buy into you and what you represent, you have to be confident in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect other people to believe in you? The most authentic accounts have a lot of followers – they bare it all, the ups and downs, and by being honest, people tend to trust you and believe in you. By gaining the trust of your audience, this also opens you up to brand endorsements because brands see the value in this relationship, as if you vouch for something, your opinion means something to who they are targeting.

Hack #3 – Pick a Color, Any Color

In order to reach Influencer levels on Instagram, you need to have a beautifully curated feed. This means they need to be color-coordinated. Stick to the same one or two filters and consider the colors in your posts. Some accounts use monochromes, others keep it white or only use blue tones, others use bright citrus color combinations etc. Whatever you choose, keep it consistent.

Hack #4 – Make Yourself Available

The idea behind becoming an Instagram Influencer is that you’ll make some money doing what you love. One of the main revenue generators on Instagram is brand collaborations, sponsorships and partnerships. In order to make yourself available for these opportunities, ensure that you have your contact details included in your bio, mainly your email address. Also be ready to pass along information to them like follower growth, website traffic and engagement rates.

Hack #5 – Use Existing Connections

One of the quickest ways to get higher engagement levels and get more followers is to team up with other users on Instagram. Form Instagram Pods, where a small group of users agree to comment and like on each other’s posts to boost engagement; or engage with all of your followers regularly and meaningfully as this will have the effect of reciprocation.

These five hacks should help you on your way to becoming an Instagram Influencer. You’ll still need to put in the legwork, but these tips will give your account a bit of a boost and help fine tune it so it looks more like the account of an Influencer.