Media kits are a compilation of statistics showing how popular your account is, and the type of person who enjoys your account. It’s important for a brand to have this information before they choose to partner with you because they need to know how many people are seeing your content, how much interaction your posts are receiving and who your audience is, because your audience needs to be aligned with their audience or else the partnership won’t be beneficial to either party.

Here are five tips on what you should include in a successful and informative media kit.

Hack #1 – Contact Information

This is obviously very important. Even if a brand can just look you up on Instagram again to find your email address, it is not as convenient as having it attached to the media kit. Time is money, and if a brand has to waste time searching for your email after reviewing it, they might decide it’s not worth it. So, alongside your name and Instagram handle, add in at least your email address.

Hack #2 – Short Bio

The media kit is predominantly for statistics but be sure to add in a blurb about you at the top. This should include all of your media outlets, so any websites, blogs, podcasts, vlogs etc. to give the full extent of what you offer. Also add in anything that makes you stand out and qualified to work with a brand or mention any brands you’ve worked with before.

Hack #3 – Statistics

This is what the brands are looking for, and it’s important not to leave anything out that they’ll be specifically looking for. Focus on Instagram if that’s where you plan to post the sponsored posts, but also include stats for your other outlets if the content can be shared there too. Include follower count and engagement levels.

Hack #4 – Audience

Draw attention to the similarities between your audience and their target audience. If you achieve this you are basically saying, I can tell thousands of people you want to sell to, to go out and buy your product. They trust me, and are more likely to listen to me than an ad they see somewhere. Break it down into gender, ages, and location.

Hack #5 – What You Can Offer

Let the brand know exactly what you are willing to do. It can be just simple Instagram posts or maybe you are also open to takeovers, guest blog posts, and contests? Will you share content only on Instagram or across all of your outlets? Here is where you would include rates but it’s also okay to leave this out and negotiate later.

These are the five items every Influencer should include in their media kit for a successful pitch. Other things you could include would be examples of your Instagram posts or examples of previous collaborations, but so long as you have these five things included you are good to go. While you shouldn’t include too much more, as it can overwhelm a brand and make them less likely to read it, if you feel something is particularly relevant to a certain pitch, go for it.