When you’re creating enough content for your Instagram account to be able to post every day, it can become challenging to keep the content compelling and high quality. It’s imperative our content remains fresh, interesting and exciting if we want to continue to get more followers on Instagram and keep growing our presence, account, and brand. If you feel stuck in a rut, here are five hacks to help you create compelling content on Instagram.

Hack #1 – Mix Mediums

The average Instagram user has the attention span shorter than of a goldfish (eight seconds versus 12 seconds) so you really do need to keep it interesting. Mix it up and post a combination of videos, boomerangs, and photos. You may find one medium is more popular among your audience than others, but once in a while if you’re short on content ideas try out a different medium to keep people interested.

Hack #2 – User Generated Content

This is a great hack because you don’t even have to create the content yourself, you don’t even have to pay anyone to do it for you either. This is an idea that keeps on winning because it not only serves as a customer endorsement, but it can boost engagement levels if you run it as a contest.

Hack #3 – Calls To Action

If you need content ideas, why not ask your audience what they’d like to see? This not only gives you ideas but it’ll also create a frenzy of engagement as people hit up the comments section. You can be open-ended and welcome all suggestions or you can be more specific and give options.

Hack #4 – Instagram Stories

Sometimes the stress of perfection for posts to our Instagram feed can get the best of us, but this is where Instagram Stories comes in. Here you can post behind-the-scenes content, or really anything you’ve been up to that day. The pressure is off because people want to see everyday, run of the mill content here, making it easy to create.

Hack #5 – Takeovers

Have someone take over your account for the day. This has two benefits – you have someone else creating new and fresh content for you, and it’ll give you inspiration for new content ideas or different ways to post.

These hacks contain five simple ways to quickly freshen up your Instagram feed and stop it from becoming boring and repetitive. By keeping your posts interesting, it encourages existing followers to like and comment on your posts, as well as attracting new followers to help grow your account.

It’s important to think of both acquiring new followers in addition to keeping existing ones coming back for more. Even if they don’t unfollow you, if they become bored with your content they are less likely to comment or like the posts. Your engagement will drop disproportionately because once someone doesn’t engage with your posts, due to Instagram’s algorithm, your posts will be featured less prominently on their feed. Instagram shows its users the posts they think they will find interesting, based on previous activity. This is why it’s so important to keep your content compelling for both old and new followers alike.