The main reason why getting more Instagram followers is important is because you won’t be successful in whatever you Instagram goal is without having followers.

Users have Instagram accounts for a variety of reasons – for sharing their lives with others, promoting their business, making money, to have their shot at fame, or to inspire a change.

All of these reasons need followers to be successful.


An exceptionally large proportion of people on Instagram are using it as a means to make money, whether they are selling products directly from Instagram or using it as a marketing tool, it’s becoming a pretty popular money-making tool.

Of course, you’re not going to make any money using Instagram if you don’t have a large number of followers.

Getting followers on Instagram is very important if you’re going to be successful in making money.

If you’re selling products directly in your posts, you’ll want as many people to see the posts as possible.

You’ll also want as many people engaging with your posts as possible in order for it to be bumped up on people’s newsfeeds and also featured on your followers’ followers’ Explore page.

If you’re hoping to strike up partnerships with brands in order to make money, you’ll also need a lot of followers.

Businesses will only want to strike up endorsement deals if their product/brand will gain a huge boost in visibility. This will only happen if you have a lot of followers to share things with.

Inspiring Change

It could be that you’re not using Instagram to make money, but you want to inspire a change in the world. You have a mission and you want to spread the word. For example, everytown the Instagram account advocating for heightened gun safety in America. They don’t exist in order to make money or as a business, they have a mission and they use social media to spread the word and raise awareness.

Raising awareness will obviously only happen if you have a lot of followers ready to listen. This leads to the point that not only do you need a large number of followers but you also need followers that are real, active and interested in your content. It wouldn’t be any use to the everytown account if they had bought thousands of fake followers because these people wouldn’t be listening to their message and their whole goal would be moot. The same goes for interested followers, it wouldn’t be helpful if they had a huge following of pro-gun Republicans because it is unlikely to help their mission. Keep the followers number high, but keep it real and relevant.

Becoming Famous

There are the people who do become insanely famous purely through social media – from zero to hero in a matter of months. However, for the most part, we are talking more of an Influencer level. If you have something to say, opinions and knowledge on a certain topic, Instagram can help give you a voice and make you an ‘expert’ in your field.

Bloggers can turn their hobby into a viable career path by building up a huge Instagram following. For example, mommy blogger Amber Fillerup simply blogs about her family and her obsession with intricate braids. She started up her Instagram account to promote her blog, and suddenly her hard work paid off and what was a side gig to her stay-at-home mom role became a full-time career.

Growing Your Business

Whether you are a coffee shop owner or a reality TV star, using Instagram properly could really skyrocket your business. Many reality TV stars have used social media platforms as a way to launch and promote books they’ve authored, fashion collections they’ve created and other paid-for services like apps.

Back to actual reality, local businesses can boost their brand awareness and foot traffic by using tools like Instagram to connect with their local community. Building up a number of followers will help with engagement levels, which make your posts more visible. The more people seeing posts about your cafe or boutique, the more people likely to stop by and make a purchase.