Of the one billion active monthly users on Instagram, how many followers does the average person have on Instagram? Well, most people have 100-300 followers.

But it can depend on a whole number of factors, and it’s best to compare the number of followers you have to another Instagram user similar to yourself.


One of the factors affecting how many followers you have is how old you are.

If you are in grade school, middle school or high school it is likely you’ll have more followers on average than a random middle-aged man, and more than any of the three-year-olds who are allowed their own Instagram account (which might be more than you think, have you ever seen how well a pre-schooler can use an iPad?).

Parents often have Instagram accounts they use for sharing photos of their family life and kids, and on average have about 10-15 followers.

Obviously, some have more and they turn it into their business (Scary Mommy has over one million followers), but some might not even have this many.

Your Account Content

An overweight 50-year-old man who frequently poses with his shirt off to expose his hairy belly is likely to have fewer followers than say, a teenage girl in a bikini on a white sand beach.

Even though they’re posting the same genre of photos, one is likely to incite people to leave negative comments and even unfollow them, the other is likely to gain extra followers every day and if done correctly, may even be approached by swimwear and beachwear lines for partnerships.

So, to take an average number of followers doesn’t take into account differences in Instagram users, if you’re a 17-year-old girl, comparing your account to other teenage girls will give you a more accurate take on the average number of followers.

Real Life Status

If you’re more popular in school, work or life, you’re going to have more followers on average than less popular people in real life.

For example, a celebrity is going to have more followers on average on Instagram in comparison to a random guy off the street.

The most popular kid in school is likely to have more followers than the least popular kid.

The average number of followers for a teenage boy is 150, with 25% having less than 100 and 18% have 301 or more.

If you’re a small, local coffee shop, when looking to get an idea of how many followers you should have, compare to other local cafes and not Starbucks’ Instagram follower count.

Most Popular Accounts

Speaking of celebrities, how many do they have in comparison to everyone else?

In 2017, Selena Gomez was the most followed celebrity on Instagram, with a whopping 130 million followers.

Cristiano Ronaldo was the second most followed with 116 million followers.

Ariana Grande came in third with 115 million followers, Beyonce was fourth with over 108 million, and Kim Kardashian West was in fifth place with 104 million followers.

The biggest Influencers on Instagram, who are making the big bucks, have millions of followers, even if they aren’t ‘A-list’ celebrities.

Beauty bloggers like Ingrid Nilsen, fitness gurus like Simeon Panda, mommy blogger Amber Fillerup and even social Influencers like Grumpy Cat.

So, if you want to use Instagram successfully for business, you’ll need more than the ‘average’ number of followers.

Other Useful Instagram Facts

If you enjoyed learning about how many followers people have on Instagram, here are some other fun facts about Instagram.

7/10 hashtags used on Instagram are branded, marking a turn in user-generated marketing strategies.

71% of US businesses use Instagram, a percentage that has doubled since 2016.

80% of users follow at least one business on Instagram, and 60% hear about a new product or service for the first time via Instagram.

Mobile Ad revenue is set to reach almost $7bn in 2018, almost $5bn more than two years ago.

Posts with a geo-tag get 79% more engagement than if you leave out the location.

With over one billion users, it shouldn’t come as a shock that over 70% of content posted on Instagram doesn’t get seen.

As a highly visual platform, 50% of Instagram captions and comments contain emojis.

Apparently, it’s the fastest growing language, with over 2,666 emojis to choose from.

Instagram statistics, such as how many followers the average user has, are interesting to know and can be put to good use when trying to get more followers on Instagram.

In order to boost your followers to more than just the 100-300 average, try creating a branded hashtag, use more emojis, tag your location or add user-generated content.