Once you’ve created a persona to represent your target audience on Instagram, how can you use it to help get more Instagram followers and boost your brand’s like-to-sales conversions?

How Can I Use A Persona?

By looking at all the aspects that you use to create a persona, you can utilize all or some parts of the identity to individually tailor your Instagram feed to appeal to your target audience.

Instagram is all about the user feeling like you understand them as an individual. What they don’t realize is that there are many like-minded individuals, so you can both target them as an individual and as a whole audience group.


Using demographics to pinpoint your customers on Instagram more accurately is vitally important. Demographics offer a lot of insight into your customer base, and many accounts are using them in many different ways.

Instagram Insights is an incredibly useful tool to help you find out all about your audience. As well as looking at the key demographics of your followers, you can also use it to try out new tactics and see how it affects your account engagement.


Gender is a vast one but at the same time weeds out half of the one billion strong Instagram community.

Anything to whittle down whom you’re appealing to is beneficial. Obviously, once you know which gender is interested in your products, you can tailor your Instagram posts to appeal more to that gender specifically.


Location is useful in a few different ways. Of course, you can use it to add a geo-tag to your posts to help cement your position in the local community. Another way to utilize this information is to think about what there is to do in that local community, or what people from that location are interested in.

If it’s somewhere full of vast open spaces, they probably aren’t into overly fancy or pretentious posts on Instagram. They would be more into nature, and their hobbies might be more outdoorsy.

A big city location might be more into flashy or ostentatious posts and might respond well to content recognizing how strapped for time they are. Or if they are trapped in a big city, maybe reference things like getting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


The age range of potential followers is where you can think about what each generation is into and which applies to your product.

Once you figure out which age range your audience falls within (using Instagram Insights), you can research what appeals to them and what they are interested in.

Knowing the age of your audience can also help figure out what life stage they are in, which gives you another factor to consider when creating posts, and more potential ideas.

If they are in the 18-25 demographic, they are likely to be big into brand loyalty, so they are worth the effort of wooing because once you have them as a customer, it’s potentially a life-long relationship. They value their peers’ opinions, so adding posts with Influencer endorsements or posts featuring similarly aged people would be appealing.

Also, keep in mind things like the fact 55% of people within this age group still live with their parents so don’t try and market dining room sets to them. Target things they can use within someone’s else home, or tap into the frustration of not being able to afford your own place with your marketing campaign.

Pain Points

Using pain points can help you individualize your posts by adding in something that makes it seem like your brand knows what they are personally going through.

For example, if your audience are 20-somethings out of full-time education but not into early parenthood yet, something about the struggles of saving to buy for a house might be a pain point to tap into. Show how your brand can help with it, or how your brand understands the financial struggles, and that’s why it’s running this amazing promotion.

Personal Goals

Your audience’s goals might not specifically relate to your brand, but it can help you decide what approach to take with your marketing campaigns and what tone to use. If you know what motivates them to take action, you can use it to motivate them to take action in buying your products.

For example, if they are in their 40s and a little overweight, but want to get back into shape, and you are a fitness Influencer. Use their goal to get back into shape as a way to sell them your fitness app. Give them sneak peeks into your routines, and how they can fit them into their busy schedules filled with work and family. By making it appeal to them and how they can achieve it within their specific lives, it makes it more likely they will buy into it.

What Ways Can I Use A Persona?

Guide your social media marketing more efficiently with your personas through these targeted approaches:

Get More Followers

If your main goal is just to get more followers on Instagram, to boost the size of your account, here is how you can use your persona to do this.

Think about what it would take for your persona to click like. What is visually appealing to them? What will make them stop and think, or stop and chuckle? What is meaningful to them?

If your persona enjoys sports and the great outdoors, consider posting exclusively on location. No studio shots, make everything happen outside and in inspirational places.

If your target audience enjoys lighthearted wit, make sure to add in humorous captions. Whatever you do, stay away from marketing buzzwords or corporate-speak. The idea is to adopt the persona of your persona and create a feed that is tailored precisely to this persona.

If you think of your persona as a real person, you’ll be more likely to tap into his/her priorities instead of your own.

Make More Sales

If making sales is your goal, use your persona to find out what motivates them to buy. Getting more likes on Instagram is one thing, but converting likes into click-throughs and sales is a different ball game. Once you’ve achieved enough likes and followers, and built up your Instagram business account, it’s time to make some sales.

Use your persona to discover what convinces your audience to make a purchase. This is where goals and pain points will come into play.

Let’s take the persona of James as an example. He’s a 27-year-old male, who has started to earn a decent salary for the first time but is struggling to save any of the money. He wants to be able to buy a house and take vacations, but his money seems to be disappearing each payday. He enjoys going out after work and playing sports at the weekend.

This is where you come in. Say, for example; you run an app that offers financial planning. The app is only 99 cents but can save you hundreds every month by organizing your finances for you! Show James that by either syncing his accounts with your app or manually inputting spending, he can quickly and easily start to save money.

Daily tips on how to save money, combined with monitoring spending and direct debits to a savings account on payday. Post motivational pictures on Instagram of luxurious holidays that James could afford if he used your app. Don’t make it patronizing, as James doesn’t like to be belittled, but keep it practical and simple and James will jump on board.

Tap Into New Audience

If you’ve taken a look at your competitors and discovered a whole new, untapped audience, you can create a persona in order to target them. Alongside your regular posts, start to incorporate posts that would appeal to this new persona as well. Obviously you want to keep your existing followers, but by adding in extra posts to appeal to this new audience can help you grow your brand to new audiences.

This guide should give you all you need to know about how to use your social media marketing persona on Instagram. With a persona representing your whole target audience, it makes it easier to individualize your posts so your followers feel you really understand them rather than the masses. When they feel special, and understood, they are more likely to follow you, like your posts and buy your products.

Instagram Business Account Basics: Using A Persona
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Instagram Business Account Basics: Using A Persona
After you’ve created a persona to encompass your target audience, putting it into use can be rewarding. Here is a guide on how to use a persona on Instagram.
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