Once you’ve pinpointed exactly who you are appealing to on Instagram, or whom you want to start targeting, you can start to refine your posts to better serve them. If you are using Instagram to sell more of a certain product to women, or want to build up your female Instagram followers, here is our guide on how to target women with your social media marketing strategy.

Who Are Women?

They make up 50% of the population, and with the number of monthly active Instagram users being in surplus of one billion, that’s a big audience to tap into. It actually turns out that 68% of Instagram’s users are women. So, the number of daily active users is nearly 700 million and they offer up 4.2 billion likes per day.

Women Vs Men?

What makes women different from men? What is unique to them, and something you can use to target them more efficiently on Instagram?

  1. Emotions. This sounds stereotypical, but in general, women are more outward with their emotions. It’s not that men don’t have them, it’s that they are more likely to tuck them away. Women like an expression of emotion, whether it be love, happiness, gratitude or even sadness or anger.
  2. They want it all, but ‘all’ means different things to women than men. Women want to have a balance between being successful in themselves but also have a satisfying personal life, whether that includes a family or not.
  3. Regret. Women tend to regret the things they have done, whereas men tend to regret things they haven’t done. It’s experienced equally between the genders but in different ways.
  4. Friendships. Friends are more important to a woman’s well-being than a man’s and their friendships take on different forms. Women, in general, have closer friendships with deeper connections, they confide more and friends are used frequently for emotional support.
  5. A woman’s response to conflict is to stay and fight. When something goes wrong for a woman, she wants to cry, rehash every single detail of what happened and then come up with a plan to fix it. Women feel conflict more deeply than their male counterparts, and studies have shown they report increased levels of stress, tension, and frustration in comparison to men. They also respond by working harder, whereas men are more likely to call in sick or glaze over and ‘check out’ of the situation.
  6. Multitasking. This is another factor that seems like a stereotype, but research has shown women are 70% better than men at juggling two or more tasks at the same time.

How To Use Differences

  1. Having said that women express emotions differently from men, if you’re trying to target them on Instagram, ensure your content has an emotional element. Be clear your brand is confident in expressing emotions, and it understands the importance of such an expression, i.e. to form a sense of community or as a way to relieve stress.
  2. Work-life balance is a big one at the moment. Referring to anything relating to how women can do anything and everything, or how your product can help with this, is something women will relate to and be pleased to see. It can be in the form of photos, videos, captions or memes.
  3. Since women experience regret in the form of things they did do, this can be used in your marketing strategy to make them confident they are making the right choice. Keep giving them reasons to be glad they are following you or buying into your brand. As soon as they regret it, they will regret they ever heard of you or used your products and it will ruin the relationship. This wouldn’t be the case with men, so customer loyalty and respect is a big one for targeting women.
  4. Friends are like family for women, a vital part of their life. Place a value on female comradery and standing together in your posts. You can also emphasize different parts of female friendship in different posts instead of generalizing in each one.
  5. Response to conflict. Note that women will stay around to solve a problem, they won’t ditch it and start anew. They are in things for the long haul. Any posts revolving around the importance to rectifying bad situations or unbolting feelings and talking about your bad day, will resonate with women more than men, and they will think your brand understands them better than others. You could even market your Instagram business account as a solution to a recurring problem in their life.
  6. Since women are known to be professionals at multitasking, incorporating this into your Instagram strategy can make your posts appeal to them over men. Any mention of multi-tasking, or a product that you can use while doing something else. Also, use it to bear in mind that they will almost definitely be doing something else while scrolling Instagram! So your posts will have to be extra appealing in order for them to take note and demand their attention.

Examples and Ideas

Putting this information into practice can be hard with some ideas and examples to inspire you and help you to get started. Here are some ideas of Instagram posts that appeal to women.

We’ve mentioned how friends are very important to women, and any posts that relate back to this shared bond between friends is something most women will relate to and appreciate. Whatever your Instagram niche is, create a beautiful post relating to friendship and as the caption you could use a quote like this one from CS Lewis, “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” Or this one from Virginia Woolf, “Some people go to priests others to poetry; I to my friends.”

Make a joke about how true some of the stereotypes about women are but in a positive way.  Yes, women want it all – a career, a marriage, and a family. Yes, they are emotional. And guess what? They can have all of this because they are so great at multi-tasking! A great example is this post from Pink. She’s obviously had a successful career, she has a family and this post demonstrates that even though career wise she’s hugely successful, she still runs a household and multitasks with the best of them. Comments include, “Love this so much! So many Mums can relate. Thanks for sharing!”

This information should help when trying to target your Instagram feed towards the women audience. Keep in mind what they want to see, what is important to them and how they react to situations and you should see a nice increase in your number of followers on Instagram.

Be sure to keep tracking your progress with Instagram Insights to check you are attracting the audience you want with your content. The analytics provided to an Instagram business account by this tool can make the difference between a successful social media marketing strategy and a failing one.

Instagram Business Account Basics: Targeting Women
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Instagram Business Account Basics: Targeting Women
Targeting women on Instagram is a big audience, but also is a great way to streamline your feed. Here is a guide on how to appeal to women with your business account.
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