Running an Instagram account with a set audience in mind makes it easier to create posts appealing to the said audience. If you are just trying to get as many followers as you can, regardless of who they are, it is likely to make your Instagram posts seem a little unfocused and wishy-washy. 

In order to get more Instagram followers that interact with your posts regularly, it’s best to target a specific group of people. One group of people is men. If you have a product or niche that appeals mainly to the male audience, here is a guide on how to effectively target men on Instagram.

What Defines A Man?

The idea of targeting ‘all males’ can seem like it’s too broad of an audience. However, it narrows down the users of Instagram to 32%, because 68% of Instagram’s users are women.

There will obviously be other characteristics defining your target audience to narrow it down even further because not all men are the same. However, here are some general characteristics true of the majority of men.

They are less expressive with their emotions; they like big houses, flashy cars, and possessions;  they shut down or run away from tough situations either physically or emotionally; few close friendships; ability to focus on one task and shut everything else out; experiences regret in the form of what he did not do.

How To Use Characteristics

Men tend to shy away from expressing emotions too outwardly. Don’t go overboard on gratitude posts, or sadness posts, etc. Don’t try and tug on heartstrings. The expression of emotion doesn’t give them the same satisfaction that it does for a woman, so focus on the more practical or humorous side of something.

They want it all, but not in the same way women want it all. For men, it’s more about status, symbols, and material possessions representing their success. They also want a work-life balance, but material objects representing how much they have are also very important to them. So, by all means, incorporate family life or a good social life into your posts, but also focus on flashy and luxurious ‘things’ and how your product can make them look and feel better and of a higher status.

Men have friends. Generally, they aren’t as close with their friends as women. They connect on a more shallow level. For example, a man would think about what he wants to do, and then find someone who’ll do it with him, and a friendship is born. A woman will know who she wants to spend time with, and then they will decide what they should do. So rather than focusing on the comradery of men and brotherhood, focus on things men like to do, with or without their friends. If you’re mentioning a soccer game, for example, make it more about the experience of watching or playing soccer, not about how it’s an experience to share with your friends. If it’s about beer, make it about drinking beer not about the friends they drink beer with.

The way men experience regret is different from women, and this makes it another good way to set your posts apart to appeal to men. Women regret the things they have done but don’t dwell on what they haven’t done. Men, however, don’t worry too much about their mistakes and regret the things they missed out on. Tap into this fear of missing out with your posts. If you make something seem so good that they worry they will miss out not participating, you’ll likely grab their attention.

Women are known for being multi-taskers. It’s not that men can’t multi-task, it’s that they have an exceptional ability to box everything up in their mind, only allowing one box to be open at once. Women have everything going on in their brain at all times; men focus on one thing at a time. If you succeed in grabbing their attention, you have it, so make the most of it.

The fight or flight response in men is more often than not, to flight. Even though men are more likely to get in an actual fight, if a situation doesn’t warrant a punch in the face, they are more likely to check out of the situation. If it’s a conversation with conflict, they will glaze over and not pay attention. If there is trouble at work, they will call in sick or just ignore what’s going on. They will often have a short outburst, and then be over it and not willing to participate further. Keep this in mind, and ensure that your posts aren’t controversial or initiating any sense of conflict. Keep them enjoyable and light-hearted.

Men On Instagram

Of the top 10 most-followed Instagram accounts, three of them are men. These are Cristiano Ronaldo, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Justin Bieber. Taking a look at what posts they are making might help you see what appeals to the male audience. Make sure to study both the photos/videos and the captions to get a full picture of the tone they are using.

The only age category in which there are more male users than female is within the 18 to 34 years old bracket. Keep this in mind that it is quite likely your male followers are of this younger generation.


‘Men are motivated when they feel needed, while women are motivated when they feel cherished.’

This quote from the famous John Gray book, Men are from Mars, and women are from Venus, gives us a real insight into buying behaviors of the two genders. If your goal is to use Instagram to boost sales of your brand, consider this.

A man is motivated to make a purchase when they can use it to solve a problem, or when it is marketed as something they undeniably ‘need.’ 

It may be something in his life, causing him stress, or his partner’s life that he wants to fix. Any products designed to make life easier can be marketed towards men because they want to fix everything.

A smart way to market these types of products to them is by posting simple how-to videos. This shows how easy it is to solve a problem and how your product can help with it.

Men and women may need the same products, but they need to be marketed in different ways because they think they need things for different reasons. A great example is a couple buying a car. A man will generally think of it more practically, I need this car to get to and from work. A woman might view it from a different perspective like, we will be able to do more things together in our spare time now we can drive anywhere we want. Both are valid points, but if you’re trying to target men, think about their buyer persona.

The main takeaway points here are that in order to target men, you have to target only men, as they won’t be interested in a product also being marketed to women. Your point needs to be made quickly and with power words, and you should be showing how your brand can fix something for them, make something easier or is somehow needed in their life.

Instagram Business Account Basics: Targeting Men
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Instagram Business Account Basics: Targeting Men
Refining your Instagram feed to target men can be done in several ways. Learning about gender differences can help you recognize the best ways to appeal to men.
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