In order to be successful in your social media endeavors, including getting more Instagram followers, it’s vital you know all there is to know about Instagram. Researching who is using Instagram, when they are using it, how they are using it and why they are using it will help you better understand the market you are trying to break.

It’s also all about how you post and whom you are posting to. By learning about who is on social media, it’ll help you target your posts to appeal to the active users. It’s also important to learn statistical information on the effect of hashtags, location and user handles on engagement levels. Engagement is incredibly important on Instagram in respect to being seen by more people, and so anything that has been correlated with higher engagement should at least be tested out in any business account on Instagram.

Once you have your business account set up, or even before you set it up, take a read over these need to know statistics about social media giant, Instagram.

Statistic #1

Instagram officially has over one billion active monthly users. This means that you have to potential to reach a billion people each month. There are one billion people tuning in at least once a month, you just have to figure out a way to get your posts seen by them.

Statistic #2

In the United States, half of the users on Instagram are between 18 and 29 years old. In terms of the whole world, 41% of users are 24 years old or younger.

Statistic #3

Instagram is one the preferred social network of choice among teens in the US (the other being Snapchat). This means if you are targeting this age demographic with your product or business, Instagram should be your go-to for marketing over the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

Statistic #4

The top three countries, in terms of the number of Instagram users, are the United States, India, and Brazil.

Statistic #5

Out of the billion active monthly users, 60% of these are logging onto Instagram every day. This makes Instagram the second most engaged social network out there, with Facebook taking the lead on this.

Statistic #6

The largest demographic group present on Instagram are 18 to 24-year-old males.

Statistic #7

The 18 to 24-year-old age demographic makes up over 60% of all users, while 90% of users are younger than 35 years old.

Statistic #8

Of all internet users in the US, 35% are on Instagram.

Statistic #9

On average, there are 3.5 billion likes on Instagram each day. The most liked photo on Instagram (over 50 million likes), is of an egg. It was part of a campaign to break the ‘most likes’ record held by Kylie Jenner.

Statistic #10

The most popular food posted to Instagram is of pizza, followed by sushi and chicken. The UK is an anomaly with curry taking the first place, avocado in second place and fish and chips in third.

Statistic #11

96% of all American fashion brands are on Instagram. If you’re in the 4%, it’s time to change that!

Statistic #12

60% of users have admitted to discovering new products and brands on Instagram, making this an important statistic to be aware of if debating whether to start a business account on Instagram or not.

Statistic #13

Users interact more with brands on Instagram than any other social network. 10 times as much as on Facebook; engagement levels of 54 times higher than on Pinterest and 84 times higher than Twitter.

Statistic #14

There are over 25 million brand accounts now on Instagram, and 50% of users are following at least one brand.

Statistic #15

When a post includes the handle of another user, it garners 56% more engagement than one which doesn’t. While posts with one hashtag or more boost engagement by at least 12.6%. Add in a location and it can bump engagement up by a whopping 76%.

Statistic #16

When videos were introduced on Instagram, a massive five million videos were uploaded in the first 24 hours. However, overall photos see higher engagement levels than videos.

Statistic #17

Branded hashtags make up 70% of all hashtags used on Instagram.

Statistic #18

People love photos. That might not be a fact, but this is – more photos are taken every two minutes nowadays than were during the whole of the 1800s.

Statistic #19

67% of Instagram users say they are more likely to spend money on a certain brand if they follow them on social media. Instagram followers are more than just vanity, by adding a user as a follower you are embarking on a budding client relationship.

Statistic #20

50% of consumers admit to following a brand so they can be the first to learn about new products or services on offer. This is important to bear in mind when thinking about announcements for new product launches.

These 20 statistics provide valuable insight into the minds of the average Instagram user. Now you know they are most like aged 18 to 24 years old, and almost certainly 35 or younger. The value of hashtags is well established, but the stats show that adding in a location tag boosts your engagement even more than a hashtag.

Taking into consideration all of the stats will help you formulate an effective social media strategy and get more Instagram followers. As we’ve mentioned earlier, having a high number of Instagram followers isn’t just for vanity or competition, but it has so many benefits. When a user follows a brand, they consider it the start of a relationship. They look out for product announcements, are more likely to buy from the brand after following it and they are more likely to engage with a brand on Instagram over other social networks.

Instagram Business Account Basics: Statistics
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Instagram Business Account Basics: Statistics
20 important statistics to know about Instagram, including how to use them to your advantage when it comes to promoting a business on social media.
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