So, you want to be a travel Influencer? You aspire to live a lifestyle of constant jet setting, visiting new places, immersing yourself in new cultures, and experiencing new things—and showing it off on social media.

There is much more work that goes into building a successful travel brand than merely booking flights and taking pictures in front of beautiful scenery, though. You need to have a legitimate strategy and reason for doing what you are doing. If you aim to become a travel Influencer on social media, here are a few guidelines to help you get more followers:

Have A Niche

Building an audience requires having a niche. Posting whatever you think is the coolest photo will not get you very far. Countless other travelers are sharing their adventures on Instagram every day. Why should people follow you if everyone has seen that same monument or landscape a hundred times before?

You’ll spread yourself too thin if you attempt to appeal to too many people or create content that is too general. Instead, narrow your content’s premise to something that not many other Influencers talk about, for example:

  • the best desserts in each city,
  • the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants,
  • unique street art,
  • shots of famous buildings from unorthodox angles,
  • images of local people and their stories,
  • content that educates your audience about cultures they do not know much about,
  • or other approaches that provide your audience with glimpses into the world they have not seen before.

Post The Best Pictures Possible

People will be more inclined to follow you if your pictures are high-quality. Sounds simple right?

Thankfully, you don’t need to buy an expensive camera to post top-notch travel content. Once you master the art of composition and cell phone photography, you can use apps like Snapseed and Lightroom to edit your images into the best versions of themselves. People will notice if your pictures look professional grade, and this will definitely help you get more likes and followers.

Remember The Importance Of Hashtags

Hashtags are integral to making your content “discoverable.” People interested in your niche will use each social media platform’s search engine to look for related content—but if your material is not tagged appropriately, then they will never see what you post.

Be sure to tag your posts with trending and specific hashtags that strategically categorize them and make them visible. The most popular Instagram hashtags are not always the best – your content can get lost in the million other posts with the same travel hashtag.

Keeping track of which hashtags are the best can be a hassle, so resources like Hashtags for Likes – a free Instagram hashtags generator – can keep you up-to-date on which are the most effective.

This particular social media marketing manager states that 11 or more hashtags will increase engagement by 442%! So try to get as many in as possible.

Post Other Kinds Of Content

Don’t limit yourself to just photographs. You can create videos that depict your experiences and post them on Instagram Stories, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms.

Maybe you can interview local people with professions related to your niche, other travelers, travel agents that know secrets to booking cheap flights and accommodation, or other interesting characters in the places you’re visiting.

While you might see many travel Influencers posting pictures of themselves in front of the usual tourist traps, you can offer other kinds of content to your followers as well.

Publish A Blog

Writing a blog is an opportunity to talk about your travels in-depth. If you post about street food, then you can post images and captions on social media, but write about dishes’ ingredients, relevance, and nutrition details on your blog where you have more room to discuss such topics.

Maybe you can even offer advice to other travelers, such as tips for navigating long distance relationships or how to use credit card points as effectively as possible. If you have a personal website, a blog makes it more noticeable to search engines as well.

Optimize Your Content For SEO

On that note, employing the best SEO practices in your blog and social media posts also makes you more visible. When people search for queries related to your subject matter, how would it affect the size of your audience if you appear on the first page of Google results?

Be sure to use strategic keywords and alt text with your images so that you have an advantage over your competitors. A decent social media marketing strategy is key to gaining more followers.

Interact With Your Followers

One of the most important things you can do is engage your followers. Even if your content is incredible, people do not want to follow you just for what you post—they want an opportunity to pick your brain and ask questions. So, respond to comments, engage with your followers in conversation, and make it evident that you are paying attention to them, too.

It takes work to be a travel Influencer with a loyal audience. It takes genuine strategy to grow your online presence—besides the travel part. How do you plan to become a travel Influencer, and where will you go first?

7 Pieces of Advice for Wannabe Travel Influencers
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7 Pieces of Advice for Wannabe Travel Influencers
Being a travel Influencer on Instagram is a dream of many but achieved by few. Here we show you 7 tips on how to become an Influencer on Instagram and stand out from the crowd.
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