Instagram’s Collection Ads are something you need to know about as a business or brand using Instagram. Even if you don’t have a dedicated social media marketing manager, this simple guide can help you figure these ads out.

Not only will it boost your visibility to help with getting more Instagram followers, but it’ll help boost click-throughs and sales. They are essentially a blend of product catalogs and videos with the aim of increasing product sales.

What Makes Them Unique?

Collection Ads allow users to browse a variety of products without having to leave the app. No longer do users have to click through to the website if they see one product they like, they can view a collection of products very easily.

With other styles of ads, users will generally see one product before having to click through to the brand’s website. The idea is that by putting multiple images or videos in front of the user at the first point of contact, they will be more likely to make a purchase once they click through.

Creating Collection Ads

Before starting the process, have ready your series of images and videos you wish to include.

  • Go to Ads Manager.
  • Select + Create.
  • Pick your objective. Conversions, Traffic, Catalogue Sales, or Store Traffic are the supporting objective for Collection. Then hit Continue.
  • Choose whether you want to send people to your Website or App. If you have an app, it’s recommended you choose this option.
  • Select the audience you wish to target with your ads.
  • Ensure Instagram is selected as the placement for your ad, and choose Automatic placements unless you want to edit them yourself.
  • Fill out the budget and schedule.
  • In the Format section, select Collection.
  • The next part is to either build your own Instant Experience or use a template.
  • Add the images and other details.
  • Hit the Confirm button and your ad is submitted.

What is Instant Experience?

Instant Experience is what was formerly known as a Canvas Ad. Created by Facebook, and therefore also available on Instagram, it offers many marketing advantages.

It’s basically a way of presenting a series of images or videos, so a great way to display Collection ads.

The templates available include Instant Storefront, which is designed to look like a catalog and make products easy for users to browse.

The Instant Storytelling template is for when you want to give users a more arty and visual experience of your products. You can also custom build your own templates.

Instant Experience is also compatible with Facebook’s tracking Pixel, in addition to third-party pixels. This means you aren’t limited to the data analysis on Facebook or Instagram; you can use something like Google Analytics if you prefer to track clicks and performance through another program.

Load times using Instant Experience are typically 15x faster than loading up a retail website, which means that potential customers are more likely to see your products before clicking away. It helps brands engage and connect with new and existing customers in a way that directing to a website can’t.

How Are Collection Ads Priced?

There are two options when it comes to how much a brand will pay to take out a Collection ad – Traffic or Conversions.

The Traffic option will be charged based on how many times users click on the ad to open the product catalog (i.e., the full 50 images, versus the original five).

In contrast, the Conversions option is where your ad will be targeted at specific audiences but charged by how many times it appears on newsfeeds.

Collection Hacks

Hack #1 – Video Cover

Research has shown that a video works better as the cover ‘image’ than a non-moving photo. Using a video as your Collection cover could boost your interaction rates by 20%.

If you don’t have a video on hand, or your business generally doesn’t create videos, there is a hack for this too. Switch over to Facebook, and you can transform a series of photos into a video slideshow. This type of media performs just as well as a video, so it’s definitely worth trying out.

Hack #2 – People

Adding people wearing or using your products or services has been found to increase click-through rates by 3-5%. These can either be targeted ads you’ve already created or possibly even user-generated content. Run a contest to motivate people to send in photos of them wearing your products!

Hack #3 – Experiment with Headlines

Using headlines and captions is crucial in conjunction with images or videos. They can be what tips someone over the line to visit your website.

Different wordings can have different effects depending on your audience. Experiment with how you word captions, changing out phrasing like “25% off” to “$30 off” and recording the results for next time.

Hack #4 – Mobile-only

When creating Collection ads, remember that they are for mobile devices only. If you’re creating content, especially for the ads, as opposed to using stock photos, consider creating them with this in mind.

Hack #5 – Use Up To 50 Images

Collection ads comprise of the main photo or video as the cover, with four extra images that users can swipe through like a carousel. However, be aware that if the user chooses to click on the Collection, it’ll open up a ‘catalog’ of up to 50 images or videos. Information such as name and price for each product can also be added, with a specific link for each one as well.

Converting Ads To Sales

In conclusion, Collection ads are a prime choice for advertising when your goal is sales-oriented. Other goals for advertising, such as brand awareness, might not be as well-suited to Collection ads, so it’s vital to keep your goal in mind.

Collection ads primary focus is showcasing the products of a brand in bulk, allowing users to browse a large number of products before choosing to click through and buy.

The likelihood of users buying something after viewing a Collection ad is higher because they have a better idea of the products the brand is offering in comparison to just seeing one item. If they see one item, they may very well click through but find they aren’t as interested as they originally thought. By being upfront with everything you offer, you’ll more likely attract customers who convert their clicks into sales.

Instagram Business Account Basics: Collection Ads
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