How to get real followers on Instagram can be a long and laborious journey. Once you’re up and running, it can be very rewarding to see the followers flock in.

The main ways to build up real followers are high-quality content, making your posts visible, and high engagement on your posts from yourself and others.

Specific tips can vary within each Instagram niche, this post we’re discussing Instagram beauty accounts.

Beauty on Instagram: The 411

The market for beauty on social media and in society as a whole is booming.

People always want information and products on how to look like the best version of themselves.

Whether it’s a high-end brand of lipstick, or a tutorial video of how to apply said lipstick, or how to make a knock-off look as good, there are a huge range of opportunities within this seemingly saturated market.

Potential ideas for building up a beauty account on Instagram include reviewing products, finding new angles and perspectives on beauty problems or products (for example, recreating high-end looks on a budget or hacks for thin hair or acne).

There is a lot of scope for posting short videos on Instagram and linking to your blog for the full version, or photos of before and after, with links to the full tutorial.

Noteworthy Brands and Influencers

In the beauty world, there are a few accounts worth following.

Follow them to get an idea of what they are posting, but also to interact with their posts and get yourself seen among the audience you want to be targeting and follow any of their followers that appeal to you.

Try and build a relationship with these people, immerse yourself in this world, and it could result in them following you and hopefully engaging and sharing your content.

Some suggestions of major beauty brands to get started are @glossier @nyxcosmetics @sephora @maccosmetics @benefitcosmetics @urbandecaycosmetics @maybelline.

In terms of beauty Influencers, some starting points for following and interacting are @chrisspy, with over 3.7m followers she used to work on the MAC Cosmetic counter but now posts tutorials on Instagram.

She collaborates with brands like Urban Decay and speaks on beauty panels at big events like PopCon in Dubai.

Another Influencer worth following, checking out her fans and engaging with her content is @vega_nay.

With over 7.4m followers and her own line of fake eyelashes, she knows her stuff.

@iluvsarahii has over 4m followers and works with big beauty brands like Dermalogica, Garner and NYX Cosmetics.

@makeupshayla has 2.7m followers to date and focuses on video tutorials which are short and to the point, with sponsorships from big brands like Maybelline.

Beauty Hashtags

Once you’ve figured which area of beauty you are going to focus on, how to execute it, followed all the relevant people and started interacting with them, you need to make sure your posts are a searchable and visible as possible, to a relevant audience.

Targeted hashtags are the best way to achieve this.

#welovecoco will help you reach all the Instagram users who love Chanel products.

This is a great way to get involved in the community and interact with those who have similar interests.

You can also use this hashtag to search for posts and then comment on them to get yourself known.

#beauty is a popular one, with over 250 million posts.

This could get you a lot of impressions or it could get your post lost in an ocean of beauty photos.

Consider more specific hashtags like #beautytips or #beautycare or #instabeauty.

#makeup is another popular one, so for optimum results add specific tags like #foundation #lipstick or #mascara as well.

#model has about 156 million posts, but if you add #beautymodel instead only 125,000 posts come up.

This way you’re targeting a subset of the same audience, so not only it is more targeted but this audience is more likely to see your posts.

#wakeupandmakeup is often used to show before and after carousel posts.

The first shot is straight from waking up, and the last is the end result.

Yielding 11 million posts, #wakeuptomakeup is an alternative with less than a million.

#nofilter is a good one to use alongside it, as it makes you seem more honest an authentic, a quality which is highly valued on Instagram.

#beautyblogger is ideal to let the world know you have a blog, and what it’s all about.

Beauty blogger hashtags to help with visibility (#beautyblogger yields a whopping 14 million results) are #beautyblog #bblogger and #bblog.

Can Money Buy Real Followers?

Another option is to buy followers on Instagram.

While this probably won’t land you a million ‘real’ followers, you can use a targeted approach by inputting information regarding the biggest beauty brands and Influencers, so the bot can target a relevant audience.

From here you’ll gain some attention from beauty bloggers and trendsetters so you can build on the momentum and start looking to grow your number of real followers.

The actual followers you buy won’t be of any long-term value, but a larger number of followers can help spark the interest of potential ‘real’ followers.

If you engage with these users, you’ll be able to grow your account organically. The bought followers will give you this kickstart.

Ideally, you wouldn’t buy followers, but it can be a good starting point to be noticed by other Instagram users.

To grow real followers, the specific needs for each type of niche are a little different.

The main brands, Influencers and hashtags are obviously different but the main elements of following and participating in the Instagram community remain the same.