A brilliant marketing strategy to get more likes on Instagram is to tap into the season.

This not only keeps your content relevant and timely, but people like to get on board with seasonal happenings.

Connecting your brand and embracing the season will get more likes on Instagram.


During Fall there are so many seasonal happenings you can use to your advantage.

The first and most obvious is the pumpkin spice obsession.

Almost any image or video depicting anything autumnal could warrant a mention of pumpkin spice.

Whether it’s a pumpkin spice latte, cookie, candle or scent in the air, just the mention of pumpkin spice will spark the interest of a whole host of Instagram users.

Of course, Halloween is a major event in Fall.

Don’t miss out on this. If you’re doing anything for Halloween, or your brand is, post about it on Instagram.

It makes you seem more like a ‘real person’ and gives a little glimpse into your life and how you’re not so different from everyone else.

Thanksgiving offers a whole host of opportunities for Instagram posts.

Not only with the classic mentions of Turkey Day or #gobblegobble but it’s a great time of year to post about things you and your brand are thankful for.

With #beautiful and #photooftheday being some of the most popular hashtags of 2018, you can maximize on this by posting photos of beautiful Fall trees and scenery.

Of course, always keep it relevant to your brand, but there are only benefits to adding in an autumn backdrop to your photos.

Best Fall hashtags:



Once Halloween has passed, yes even though it’s technically still Fall, the red cups roll out.

Red cup season basically launches Christmas on social media.

Starbucks has had so much success with their red cup campaign in terms of brand awareness that it would be foolish not to jump on this bandwagon.

People get so excited about red cup season, it’s the start of the season of magic.

Everyone starts posting and tagging photos of themselves with their first #redcup of the season.

Why not make your brand more relatable to the masses by sharing that you too, enjoy a deliciously hot, sweet peppermint mocha in a #redcup. Full props if you incorporate snow or glitter.

Of course, Christmas is obviously the biggest seasonal happening in winter.

Spread the joy and see how many people give Instagram likes in this merry season of giving.

Incorporating Christmas into your Instagram posts is relatively easy, it can be a case of scenery or backdrops, Instagram Stories of Christmas events or shopping as well as the office ugly sweater party.

Best winter hashtags:



The main occasions people take note of in spring are Easter and when flowers start to bloom.

A great way to incorporate spring, and spring hashtags, into your posts is to use nature.

If you’re outside, take some shots under a cherry blossom tree; if you’re inside, have some fresh flowers in view.

Make sure to mix these seasonal hashtags in with your industry hashtags for maximum relevancy.

You want people who are interested in your content seeing it too, not just anyone who loves spring.

While the seasonal hashtags might get you more likes on certain posts, adding in industry hashtags too might get you more followers and thus more likes on future posts.

Best spring hashtags:



Summer provides so many opportunities for seasonal hashtags.

The sunrises and sunsets are so beautiful, and people are outside more enjoying them and using the matching #sunrise #sunset hashtags.

#SummerNights is a great hashtag for businesses who have brick and mortar locations for their bars or restaurants.

It’s a great way to drum up business and entice people to stop by, and also to post photos of fun evening offerings.

#ExploreSummer is a good one for big brands to use in their marketing strategy, encouraging people to get outdoors and do things, like hiking, kayaking and other activities organized during summer.

Think of the post you want to make, and then think about how you can incorporate summer into it.

For example, if you want to promote your new line of drinks, capture the image of someone looking hot and glamorous on the beach, enjoying your beverage.

Or even better run a contest and get people to post themselves enjoying your drinks in a summer setting.

Best summer hashtags:


We hope this information helps you to incorporate more seasonal hashtags into your posts to get more likes on Instagram.

The timely use of seasonal hashtags keeps your posts relevant, boosts your visibility and helps you get involved in the Instagram community, ensuring you continue to grow your Instagram account successfully.