Location hashtags are basically when you add the name of your location to a hashtag.

It helps boost the visibility of your post to locals and people interested in that location, with the aim of increasing likes on Instagram.

What Is The Difference: Location Hashtags Vs Geo-tags

The difference between these two is that a geo-tag is where you are actually using a location’s official tag in the same way you’d tag another user.

A location hashtag is where you are merely adding a hashtag with the name of the location, and essentially you can add in any variation of the location name.

A geo-tag is a preset tag, and unlike a hashtag, you’d have to manually create a new geo-tag location to be able to use a different geo-tag that the already available ones.

Why Use Location Hashtags?

Location hashtags can help boost the visibility of your posts by getting your post in front of an audience who is at that location, intends to be at that location in the future or is interested in that location.

Seeing as they are all already interested in that location, it maximizes the likelihood of them liking your post.

What Are The Benefits Of Location Hashtags Vs. Geo-Tags?

There are different ways to search on Instagram, you can search using a hashtag and another way is by searching for a geo-tag.

If you only geo-tag your location, it won’t appear in a hashtag location search, and vice versa.

To maximize searchability, it’s wise to use both geo-tag and location hashtag because your post will appear in both sections of search results and potentially will double the number of eyes on your post.

Double the amount of eyes equals double the amount of potential likes.

Where Should I Use Location Hashtags?

You can use location hashtags in both regular posts and in your Instagram Stories.

Stories offer geo-tagging and location stickers as well, so it’s wise to use as many as possible without overcrowding your post.

Incase there is any confusion, Stories come up in search results too, so adding location hashtags here can boost engagement on these posts as well.

Specific Vs. Broad

When hashtagging a location, you could simply write #America or #California. Alternatively, you can be a little more specific and name the city, for example, #LosAngeles #SanDiego #SanFrancisco.

These hashtags will bring up your post in these searches but they are likely to come up with a lot of other posts as well and get bumped off the list quite quickly.

If you’d like to add these broader location hashtags to your posts, the best method is to combine them with more specific location hashtags as well.

For example, if you were taking a trip to Los Angeles for a conference at the Getty Center, you might want to add any or all of these hashtags in addition: #Getty #GettyCenter #GettyMuseum #Brentwood.

These narrow down the search results a little bit so your posts are likely to remain higher up for longer and be seen by more people.

These tips should help get more likes on Instagram, boosting the number of locals seeing your post, as well as users wanting to know more about your location.

The interest is already there, so all you have to do is make sure these interested people are seeing your post.