People are often curious about how others are using Instagram bots to grow their following, and whether they know a secret they’re not letting you in on.

People are using automated services like bots in a bid to grow their following on Instagram but also trying to keep it authentic.

Often methods of growing your Instagram following can be seen as only two options – figure it out and grow slowly or trick people and buy followers.

However, the third option that isn’t spoken about as much, possibly because it’s not so controversial, is using automated bots.

What is a Bot?

If you’re unsure of what a bot is, and how it differs from buying followers or spamming people, it’s where you are programming an automated service to do some of your work for you. Like a robot assistant.

You can program a bot to like posts with certain hashtags; or set specific comments on hashtagged posts or posts in a certain location; or even follow people.

The Best Method

The general consensus is that the best way to use a bot is by programming it to do the mundane tasks that are time-consuming for you, but so simple anyone (even a bot) could do.

A boost in engagement levels is a good way to increase your following, so having bots like every post with hashtags relevant to your account is a good use.

If you’re locally-focused, you can program it to like every post with certain geo-tags or combine a geo-tag with a hashtag if you’re worried it will look spammy if you like every single post from a certain location.

It’s also generally agreed that if you want to build an authentic following you should opt out of automated commenting.

This is because very rarely is there an appropriate comment for 100% of photos. 90% appropriateness maybe, but you could leave yourself in awkward or even negative situations.

There is also the issue of these comments being very generic so they don’t really have much value to Instagram users.

They won’t seem genuine and won’t strike up a conversation – unless it’s a negative one because you’ve posted an inappropriate comment.

Targeting Users

Of course, you can target specific groups of people for likes or comments but people are also using bots to like all the posts from individual users.

This is particularly useful if you’re trying to catch the eye of Influencers. Instead of, or as well as, setting alerts to be notified when they post on Instagram, you can program a bot to like their posts as soon as they go live.

This is a great example of using a bot for a simple and mundane task so it will free up your time to focus on high-quality posts and meaningful interactions.

Following Bots

Another method people are using when it comes to bots is having them follow users.

This is another great way of using a bot for time-consuming yet simple tasks.

Instead of you trawling through your Explore page and hashtag searches finding people within your niche to follow, in the hopes they’ll follow you back, set up a bot to do this for you.

The downside to this is that you will end up with a large number of followers, which looks suspicious to people and also clogs up your Instagram feed.

The risk with a flooded feed is that you miss seeing posts you want to engage with, and engagement on your posts will probably go down if you’re not engaging with anyone.

There’s no secret to how others are using bots to grow their following, you just have to be smart about it.

Try not to complicate matters and start out programming the bot for simple tasks, and then experiment with what works for you, your followers and your brand.