Social media has become a vital tool for brands in today’s world of business. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn; various personal and professional brands are presented to prospective customers via these social media platforms.

With millions of people clicking away every minute, it is a great way for businesses to leverage their marketing knowledge for increased awareness and subsequent conversion for their brands.

More than 25 million brands currently use Instagram for their businesses. Also, it is estimated that more than 190 million users visit a business page (at least) in a day. As much as Instagram is a great place to share pictures and memories with family and friends, it has also become a business hub. Businesses keep users up-to-speed and engage them creatively with amazing content.

With more than 700 million active monthly users who are more engaged (when compared to Facebook), Instagram presents a great opportunity for businesses. This great opportunity comes at a low cost when compared to typically paid advertising means. With the introduction of Instagram business accounts in 2018, businesses can efficiently run a marketing campaign on Instagram.

In this article, we will take a look at the best way to run a business account on Instagram. The goal of any business is to make impressions on the mind of customers and subsequently convert these impressions into actions (such as sales, responses, and so on). We will also look at helpful tips that can help brands to scale on Instagram.

Understanding Instagram Analytics

For any brand to successfully market through an Instagram business account, there needs to be an understanding of one simple (or not so simple) thing – Instagram analytics.

When it comes to growing brands on Instagram; there are several factors that come in to play. The summation of these factors is known as your strategy.

In order to run a successful marketing campaign for your brand on Instagram, it is crucial that you master the data that you can get from Instagram. Think of analytics as measures of your results about your activity and engagement on social media. The data that is taken from the analysis is crucial, however, it is more important to interpret it and subsequently learn from it.

Instagram Insights is your first port of call when looking at the data your business account is producing. If you can understand the information coming out of this and how it affects your posting strategy, then you will increase engagement for your future posts.

The information coming out of Instagram insights can help you see which posts are the most successful. Figure out what you did differently in these popular posts and try to add that in to all your future content. Whether it’s the hashtags you are using, the location geo-tag, the time you are posting or just the type of content you’ve uploaded.

When it comes to marketing a brand on Instagram, the most important factor is the value that your brand is able to provide through your Instagram account. Let me break that down, a lot of people assume that Instagram is simply about posting great content and getting more likes. But there are other critical questions that need to be asked about the preferences of people and the things that they want to see. Over time, social media marketing experts have had a hard time, well not anymore.

With the popularity of social media, businesses can thrive and reach the exact people that they want to reach. They can do this effectively by paying attention to the data extracted about the things that they post.

People’s reactions, impressions, notions, and interests are pivotal when it comes to the successful marketing through an Instagram business account. Businesses can get to the next level and experience amazing growth in terms of reach, as well as, revenue.

Effects Of Analytics On Your Business

Anyone who is willing to pay adequate attention to their data can understand the importance of analytics and subsequently tell its effects on their business account.

When it comes to promoting a business on Instagram, analytics help you to focus. The understanding of the various metrics will help you to boost engagement and subsequently grow your brand. When you understand the matrices that determine growth, you will eventually set your strategy with these matrices.

Analytics help you to figure out crucial facts about your posts and how they are being perceived. For example, analytics can provide you with information about how well your posts are doing (for example, how many likes do they have). This will help you realize whether your style of content is great or if you need to touch upon some aspects of your content strategy. Either way, it is a win-win for brands that are able to learn from it and ‘up the ante’ when it comes to the Instagram marketing strategy.

Instagram analytics goes beyond knowing the number of likes on each post or how many people commented or shared the posts. It helps businesses to adequately understand the behaviors, as well as, patterns of audiences. This overall understanding will help your account to remain healthy by making guided changes to your content strategy.

Business Account vs. Normal Accounts

There are a couple of differences between the regular Instagram account and business accounts. One major difference is that the business account gives users access to information about analytics through Instagram insights. Other perks of having a business account on Instagram include;

– It enables users to add links to Instagram stories.

– Users with business accounts can create ads on Instagram.

– Also, users can build out a real bio with email and contact details

Two factors are critical for running a successful business account on Instagram. Firstly, users need to learn about their audiences and subsequently; you need to learn about the performance of your content. This means that your Instagram marketing efforts are centered round creating the best kinds of content for your specific audience.

With analytics, you can find out pivotal facts about the audience that will help you to maximize your marketing efforts. These include;

1) The rate at which your followers are growing. Tracking follower growth will help you to understand how your content strategy is fairing. This way you can adequately monitor the growth of your account.

2) With business accounts, users can rely on analytics to find out the location of their followers. This helps you to better understand where your profile interactions are coming from and subsequently help you to decide the best times to post.

3) Another crucial fact that is learned through Instagram Insights is the age, as well as, gender of your audiences.

4) Analytics also help users to find out when their audiences are most active. For example, if you find out that most of your audiences are active on Monday mornings, then you know and you set your content calendars based on this fact.

5) Instagram insights allow you to see how people found your post e.g. through a particular hashtag. Knowing which hashtags are bringing the most followers in is crucial in account growth.

Once you are able to understand these facts and how they affect the eventual outcome of your marketing efforts then can adjust your strategy accordingly. Remember, the goal is to create content with which you can effectively engage with and attract your target market.

It is not enough for you to simply understand your audience; you also need to also ensure that you find out how they engage with your account. This engagement is important because it gives you crucial facts that you need to know about audience interactions. They include;

1) Impressions: This refers to the total number of times that your post has been seen. Impressions are important because they help you recognize how far your content is reaching. This will help you discover how many people are paying attention to your posts from time to time.

2) Reach: Just like impressions, this metric also relates to the number of views on each of your posts. However, the reach does not calculate all the eyes that view your content; instead, it calculates the unique views that you get.

After gaining proper insight into the ways your audience communicates with your content, it is important to find out the kind of content that keeps your followers most engaged. It is essential to find out this fact because it is pivotal when it comes to increasing engagements on posts.

By clicking on the “content” tab on Instagram insights, you can see how various content types (video, photos, and so on) are performing. Subsequently, this will help in making the right kind of adjustments to your content with the goal of getting better results.

Engagements are the most important facts to use to judge the success of your Instagram marketing strategy. With the measurement of engagement rate, users can effectively and correctly analyze the growth of their brand on Instagram. The rate of engagement simply refers to the percentage of followers or viewers that actually engage with your post.

Engagement Rate = (Number of likes + Number of comments) / followers x 100

Tips for mastering Instagram for business

1. BE CREATIVE: Creativity is a must when it comes to the consistent provision of quality content. A lot of businesses fail to make a mistake on Instagram because they focus on the products instead of the solution provided. It is important to creatively add value to the customers without necessarily seeming like it. Quality is not something that you can compromise when it comes to your Instagram content. The hallmark of everything that you present to your audience on Instagram is visual content.

2. BEHIND THE SCENES: This tip is essential for businesses that are service-oriented. Showing the “behind-the-scenes” footage is a great way to interact with audiences on another level. It helps you to show people various aspects of your business and what it does. This is a great way to increase engagement for your business.

3. INSTAGRAM STORIES: This feature is a direct competition for Snapchat’s live story feature. With great content, stories can be used to catch the attention of users as it appears at the top of the timelines of your followers. It is a great option because it helps brands experiment with different kinds of contents. Stories can also be used with hashtags and various locations. Another cool feature about stories is that it plays all content in a sequence based on the time each post was made. Stories can serve as a great way to create awareness and advertise products and services. It is also a great way to collaborate with other brands or notable influencers on IG.

4. FOCUS ON USPs: In order to create a winning Instagram business account, it is important to focus on the unique selling propositions. A lot of times, businesses get caught up trying to reveal too many details (and often times, this causes them to lose focus on the things that really matter). For business accounts, the profile page can serve as a great way to get conversions by simply putting relevant links in the bio section. Most brands make the mistake of putting only their company’s website on the profile page.

5. EXPAND YOUR REACH: Hashtags are crucial for any marketing campaign on Instagram. With the use of relevant hashtags, businesses can expand their reach. Hashtags can also help in unifying your marketing efforts and make your content traceable. This can be done by dedicating a particular hashtag (#brandname) for all your posts and related content. When it comes to hashtags, it is best to use between 3 and 6 hashtags for every post. The relevance of a hashtag is very important, for example, there are common hashtags like “#instagood” (which is used in more than 250 million posts)

6. USE SUSPENSE EFFECTIVELY: One tip that big businesses on Instagram have learned to leverage for results is the use of anticipation to increase interest. This is great for your marketing campaign because it keeps customers interested.

7. SET GOALS: Often times, brands get distracted by the upsurge of impressions and they often fail to properly analyze data. It is important to set goals and understand what success looks like. This realization will help you to build on your success consistently. The best way to understand whether your methods are good or not is through practical use. You will find out what works best for your clients when you test and then measure results.

With more than 1 billion users and counting, Instagram is one of the top 5 largest social media sites. This means that businesses can take full advantage of the site as a marketplace where they can interact with (potential) customers. Your Instagram business account can make the needed difference to your business.

With Instagram analytics, businesses can learn from mistakes while gaining key insights from the data. The sheer simplicity of insights makes it a very powerful tool for businesses to learn from and subsequently influence their marketing strategies. When you understand the reaction of your audience to various activities then you will subsequently find out what the most effective marketing strategies are.

How To Run An Instagram Business Account
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How To Run An Instagram Business Account
With the introduction of Instagram business accounts in 2018, businesses can efficiently run a marketing campaign on Instagram. Take these tips to know about using Instagram for business.
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