Traveling is food for the soul, but it does come with some challenges of its own when trying to manage your social media presence.

Working across different time zones, planning consistent, high-quality content, capped off with how busy you’ll be enjoying yourself and working, can all be tough to manage.

Here we run through some of the key challenges of working while traveling and how to overcome these.

Time Zones

While you’re fast asleep, your followers may be finishing work, looking to pass the time on their commute home on Instagram.

You’re going to want to make sure your content is still reaching your target audience.

Time zones can create a big gap and you don’t want to miss out on the key engagement times.

Check out ambermac for the best posting times for different countries.

You can then tailor this for maximum engagement.

Automated Posting

If you’re busy doing nothing on a beach or off exploring a jungle with no Wi-Fi, it can be difficult to drop everything to post your perfect content at the perfect time.

Automated posting and scheduling will do this for you – follow this step by step guide to help you start scheduling your posts.

Original Content

#hotdogsorlegs is overused and unoriginal, look to create unique content that makes you stand out and keep your audience engaged.

We’ve all seen sunsets or the cocktail by the pool, up your game by thinking outside the box.

Contact local influencers and businesses and set up a collab for fresh content your audience wants to see. has loads of ideas of how to keep your audience interested!

Maximize Your Audience

Travel offers us the opportunity to refer our friends and relatives to locations we adore, but why stop there?

Use your traveling as a way to refer your audience to your favorite locations, hotels or attractions.

Use branded hashtags, geo-tags and mention them in your stories and posts.

This helps your exposure, not just from the businesses but from people also looking at and following these businesses!


Most of us are glued to our smartphones, but audience memory is short.

You need to make sure you stay relevant during your time away.

Now you’ve got time zones, automation, and scheduling down, you can take time to spend a day doing a photo shoot and then editing and perfecting your content.

Tip: take multiple photos and plan your releases for the week!


If you’ve got a long journey ahead or time away from Wi-Fi, make the most of it and edit some of your photos.

There are loads of apps out there that give you the same quality as edits on a laptop, check out this list for the best ones!

Most offer free, basic packages and come with awesome preselected filters.

Editing your photos enhances your content and can keep your posts branded to how you and your audience like them.

Time spent taking quality photos and editing will pay off!

Maintaining your social media whilst traveling doesn’t have to be taxing or hard work, with scheduling, automation and time keeping, your time spent on platforms can be put to better use.

Work smarter, not harder!

There is also the benefit of expanding your content which will help you to develop and grow your audience whilst enjoying traveling.