Hosting an Instagram takeover is a great way to share your content with another audience, and build your relationships with brands, Influencers, and other individuals.

Takeovers began with brands enlisting the help of individuals to post to their Instagram feed for a short time period.

They’ve now evolved to include video posts, Live video updates, and Stories.

Why Should You Host an Instagram Takeover?

Instagram takeovers are beneficial to both parties involved.

The host enlists someone to bring value to their followers and broaden their reach, and the guest benefits by having the opportunity bring their content to a whole new audience.

Set Goals For Your Instagram Takeover

If you are considering asking someone to takeover your Instagram account, first take the time to consider what you want to get out of it and how you can measure its effectiveness.

These could include something broad like increasing brand awareness, measuring success by getting new followers, higher reach, more comments, more views, and more mentions on other channels.

Engaging the Instagram community could be another goal for your takeover.

Building up new relationships and continuing to organically grow your audience with real followers.

This can be measured in the number of likes, comments, views and direct messages you receive, or the number of live viewers if it’s a Live takeover.

If your goal is more specific, like to promote an event or a new product, you can measure it by looking at how many people attend your event, any increase in traffic to your website and any increases in people buying your products from Instagram links.

Pick Your Guest

The main three options here are Influencers in your field, employees or colleagues, and community members or customers.


Influencers are the most common type of guest for Instagram takeovers.

These include Influencers famous through social media, all the way to A-list celebrities.

Ideally, they should be synonymous with your field of expertise, and share content in line with this.

Snaring an Influencer to guest on your account is sure to boost your likes, get more followers and increase standing in the Instagram community.

A takeover is telling everyone that this Influencer endorses your brand, trusts it and believes in you.

There’s the added bonus that these Influencers will be exposing this to all their followers in an established base relevant to your niche.

The main advantages of hosting an Influencer are that they will boost engagement, heighten brand awareness and provide value to your account through useful and interesting content.

Employees or Colleagues

This enables your followers to get an inside peek of your brand or company, boosting transparency and helping followers connect on a deeper, more personal level.

The different perspectives add value to your image, allowing followers to see the brand through different eyes. It also allows for your Instagram account to be a little more fun, carefree and entertaining than usual, adding variety to your posts.

Colleague takeovers are useful for engaging your existing community further and building more meaningful relationships with them.

It can help showcase your company culture and let people know what your brand is about.

A brand that treats its employees well will shine through, like a son who treats his mother well, impressing everyone and building loyal fans. This will do wonders for your brand image.

Customers or Community Members

These can be designated Ambassadors for your brand, or regular customers and community members, as long as their experiences are relevant and add value.

We know that Instagram values community, and what better way to say you value it too, than by enlisting someone from the community to takeover your account.

It shows you are proud of them, and that you trust them.

They also might share content from a different perspective than you usually go for, which could bring a whole new audience to your account.

This is a great way to add more user-generated content to your Instagram feed and build relationships with customers.

Type of Instagram Takeover

Now that Instagram has so many features, you can choose whether you want the takeover to be the whole account, just the main feed, Live videos or Stories.

Guests posting to your regular feed is a great way to diversify the content on there.

The downside is that if you have a certain vibe to it, it’ll be there forever so be careful to select an appropriate guest.

That worry isn’t there with Instagram Stories because they disappear after 24 hours anyway.

So, if you have a particular theme or guidelines for your Instagram gallery, Stories could be an option better suited to you. The same can be said of Live videos.

It’s also useful to specify to your guest in advance a few details, such as how long the takeover will be.

The average length for Instagram posts is a week, Stories a day and Live videos are usually kept to an hour takeover.

Discuss in advance what type of content you want your guest to be sharing, such as product reviews, expert advice, tips or opinions. Also decide whether you want a branded hashtag to be used for the duration of this takeover, or all your takeovers.

Tell Everyone and Anyone

Always announce an Instagram takeover to boost awareness and build anticipation among your followers.

It can be especially helpful to announce a Stories or Live takeover because people might be less likely to scroll through these and find it, but they can search for it once they know it’s happening.

In addition, announce it on your other social media accounts to bring it to as many people’s attention as possible.

Remember to ask your guest to promote the takeover as well, and it’s in their interest to do so because they will want it to be a success.

Doing It By Halves

You don’t actually have to give the guest your log in details if you don’t feel comfortable doing so.

They can give you the media files and captions to post on their behalf.

A sneaky advantage to this is that it enables you to screen the posts beforehand.

A full takeover does have its advantages however – it’s less work for you, more authentic and your guest has the ability to see and reply to comments with your account immediately.

It’s also the only way for a guest to go Live on Instagram.

In order to hand over your password as safely as possible, use a service like One Time Secret.

You create a secret link, and can also add in a passphrase, and once the guest has opened it, the link disappears forever and there is no record of your password in either of your email accounts.

There you have it, how to host a takeover on your Instagram account.

Hopefully the takeover will open your account up to a whole new audience and help you get Instagram followers, Instagram likes and grow your place in the Instagram community.