Luxury lifestyle niche accounts on Instagram are very popular and very profitable.

Social media basically exists because everyone wants to show off how amazing their life is.

But how can you get followers to your luxury lifestyle account when everyone wants to show off theirs?

Learn how to get followers on Instagram with this guide.

Pick A Luxurious Focus

There are many themes within this niche you can choose.

This will help you get more followers because people will be able to see what your account is all about from a few photos and determine if it’s interesting to them.

Areas you can focus on with luxury lifestyle include Cars, Boats, Yachts, Watches, Jewelry, Clothing, Travel (hotels and/or locations), Homes, Buildings or Pools.

Just bear in mind that you can’t post any old car, they must all be luxury vehicles. Nothing vintage, nothing affordable, only out of this world Super Cars.

High-Quality Content

The next step is how to make people stick around once they’ve seen your account.

Luxury niches must have exceptionally high-quality posts because there is nothing high-brow about a shoddy photo.

Everything must be perfect, from the subject to and angle and the lighting. There isn’t room for flaws in the world of luxury.

Who’s Your Audience?

The majority of people following these types of luxury lifestyle accounts won’t actually be able to afford anything being posted.

The important fact, however, is even though they can’t afford it they will generally be living their life with the aim of achieving a luxurious lifestyle one day i.e. they are either ambitious or dreamers.

A simple way of searching for people who are ambitious, dreamers or interested in luxury is to do a hashtag search.

Start out by trying the following hashtags to help get a feel for the type of search to do:

#ambition #mindset #success #millionaire #goals #money #dreambig #nevergiveup #hardwork #goodlife

Competitors… And How To Use Them To Your Advantage

@carlifestyle – almost four million Instagram users follow this account.

That means it’s coming up in four million users feeds – engage with their posts and your username is potentially being seen by these four million users.

@luxury – the name says it all and yet nothing at all.

The general luxury account has over a million followers and posts glamorous shots of luxurious hotels, cars, destinations and more.

Use accounts like this to find the photos relevant to your niche, i.e. all the car photos or all the hotel photos and engage with these posts specifically and follow some of the users who are also commenting on these posts.

This helps you reach the users most likely to be interested in the content of your account.

@bookonit – slightly smaller at 737,000 followers, this only means any comments you make are more likely to be seen.

Check out who follows accounts like these, and if they seem to fit the bill of your target audience, follow them and engage with their posts to try and entice them to follow you.

Keep interactions genuine though, as they are more likely to follow you back than if it seems you’re only interacting with them because you want them to follow you.

@sassychris1 – again slightly smaller but still relevant, with 564,000 followers, this luxury travel account is a good place to poach followers and immerse yourself in the luxury community on Instagram.

The three steps to getting more followers on Instagram.

Choose a focus.

Post exceptional content.

Find your audience and interact meaningfully.

Basic, but a highly-efficient method to growing your followers organically, meaning they will stick around and engage with your content.