There are a lot of Instagram travel blogs out there and new ones starting every day.

With the prevalence of cheaper travel and better gear, it’s far easier to get on Instagram to showcase your nomadic life.

If you’re looking to start up your own Instagram blog or just grow your Instagram account, here are a few tips to help:

First impressions count!

Make sure you have a well written, and complete profile.

Instagram users want to know who you are and what they can expect from following your account.

Your biography, profile picture and username could be their first impression of you and make the difference between tapping that follow button or moving on.

Play around with your bio, add links to other platforms, put in witty one-liners or just a simple description of who you are and what you do.

Emojis used well will help to break up long lines of text or separate your bio into sections.

Find your niche

With the prevalence of so many Instagram travel blogs, it’s important to have a unique selling point that sets you out from all the other accounts out there.

Having a niche is one of the best ways to get more followers! As well as appealing to a specific audience, you also benefit from the more precise hashtags that make it easier for people who are interested in your niche to find you.

Some accounts focus on the people they see on their travels, the great hikes available or even just the floors.

If you can get over 800k followers just posting floors then you’re making the most of your niche.

Create the best Instagram hashtags and captions

Now you have your profile set up, you’ve found your niche and started putting up some high-quality posts, but you need more followers.

It takes time but with some work you can start growing your account and get more likes and followers.

Hashtags are on the most useful ways to get more followers.

Posts with at least one hashtag get 12.6% more engagement than those without.

Be specific with your hashtags – choose tags that focus on your niche, the location you’re in, ones that focus on the picture itself, and avoid the most popular hashtags that have been used a million times or more.

Put a few key hashtags in your initial caption but feel free to use the maximum 30 hashtags in a first comment.

This hides the hashtags from your audience but still allows people to discover your posts.

This way you can also add in branded hashtags from other travel accounts you are using to get featured on their pages.

Create your own branded hashtag to get a solid following.

You can use this later on when you launch contests, encourage your followers to post their best photos or a chance at featuring their posts on your page/story.

Always tag your location

This one should be fairly obvious for a travel account – always use geo-tagging to show where your photo has been taken.

As well as letting people know where you are, it also makes your content easier to find.

Tagging your location gives you an extra chance to get featured on the Search & Explore page for the location and expose you to either locals who are there, other travellers or people searching for that location.

Engage other accounts

Start engaging other Instagram travel accounts similar to yours by liking and commenting on their posts.

Engaging other accounts often pays off when they engage back.

When another user likes one of your posts, comments or starts following you, your content will be more likely to appear on their followers’ search & explore page.

This has just opened you up to their audience – a huge potential following you know is already interested in your niche.

This is where having a good profile helps as well.

If other users see you posting all these witty and amusing comments on pages they like, they are much more likely to check someone out with a relevant username and good profile picture instead of TravelJane97 with another beach selfie.

But make sure they are comments worth reading, not just a single word or emoji.

Interact with your followers

People want to follow an account that engages with them and makes them feel part of the experience.

Look out for comments and questions from your followers rather than one-word replies and emojis which may be the sign of a bot or just spam.

Building a following that interacts with your posts is very important to your audience as well as the Instagram algorithm.

Posts with high engagement will rank higher in Instagram feeds.

When a post receives lots more likes and comments, this tells the algorithm that your post has noteworthy content that other people will want to see.

The speed at which a post gains its likes, comments, shares etc is also important in the algorithm.

Creating conversation with your followers encourages quick comments and likes on your posts.

Using niche hashtags that are trending can also aid faster engagement.

Mention other accounts and try to get featured

As well as simple likes and comments on other accounts, utilising the big travel accounts that have an established following and feature their followers is a great way to get noticed.

Accounts such as earthpix have millions of followers and regularly get between 250-400k likes per post.

Mentioning them in your posts or using their branded hashtags on your best photos could give your account the exposure it needs to grow your following.

Even just having one of these accounts liking your posts will open your content up to hundreds of thousands of other people.

Post quality content!

This is the last but definitely one of the most important points.

You’re not going to gain new followers and likes if the quality of your account is low!

Once you have established a level of quality in your posts, do not settle for anything less.

Stay consistent with high-quality content, posted at regular intervals.

If you have something you absolutely have to post, consider adding these to your story instead, keeping your main feed for only the best photos and videos.

All of the tips above should pave the way to getting more followers on your Instagram travel account.

Keep working and using the advice and those like and follows will start coming in.