Newsflash – this is most Instagram users, making ‘cute animals’ a great niche to tap into.

In order to effectively target potential followers, it’s wise to find out why they are looking at cute animal pictures as well as what kinds of cute animal pictures they enjoy.

Learn how to easily increase Instagram followers with our guide below.

Approximately 30% of the population own an animal, and the rest either want one, enjoy other people’s pets or merely enjoy looking at photos or videos when they are at their cutest.

Focusing your cute animal Instagram account on a specific area will help you gain followers more easily.

For example, focusing purely on cute bunnies doing cute things, or solely on your pet bunny’s life.

It could also be something like all woodland creatures you see out and about if you’re a big hiker or camper.

Target Audience Focus

Pet Owners

The most common pets are cats and dogs, so first look towards targeting owners of cats and dogs.

Here are some popular pet accounts:

@Loki_the_wolfdog – 1.7 million people follow his adventures.

@iamlilbub – 1.7 million users follow this kitten who promotes animal rescue.

@tunameltsmyheart – this lovable rescue dog has 1.9 million followers.

@juniperfoxx – the rescue fox who thinks she’s a dog has two million followers.

@marniethedog – this senior citizen rescue dog has over 2.1 million followers.

@itsdougthepug – 3.1 million users flock to see this pug in his fashionable ensembles.

Who are all these people and why aren’t they following your cute pet on Instagram?


A clever and very productive way of finding new followers on Instagram is to go to accounts just like these and engage with their posts.

You can also trawl through their followers and follow and interact with them, as they might not be as popular so are more likely to notice you and follow and engage you back.

Other Animal Accounts

Check out your competition and poach their followers.

You’re not doing anything wrong by this, people can follow more than one animal account!

Some good accounts to start with are:

@pumpkintheracoon – she was rescued after falling out of a tree and now lives with a family in the Bahamas with their two dogs.

Over 1.5 million users find her cute enough to follow.

@jackthewallaby – this wallaby lives in Nashville with a lawyer.

The intrigue alone of this is enough to entice 29,000 people to follow him.

@pennythegoat – before goat yoga was a thing, Penny the goat was perfecting her downward goat on a paddleboat.

Over 65,000 users tune in to witness this cuteness overload.

@adventuresofcalico – this seriously adorable hedgehog has over 88,000 followers all eager to see the latest place Calico has visited – whether it’s the White House to the Glacier National Park.

Interact with these types of accounts, comment meaningfully and maybe even strike up a conversation.

This type of behavior will immerse you more fully in the animal lovers community of Instagram, and hopefully get you more followers.

Warm and Fuzzies

Cute animals make people feel good, so targeting people who are always posting things in relation to positivity or happiness in their feed would be a good bet too.

Ways to find these types of users are to search for accounts or hashtags promoting positivity, happiness, and mental wellness.

Examples of users promoting positivity to get you started are @stevemaraboli @najwazebian @thegoodquote @femalecollective @rmdrk @cleowade @mikedooleytut

Hashtags used by people promoting positivity include #positivity #instamotivation #spread #time #quoteoftheday #happiness #positivevibes.

Targeting these audiences and engaging meaningfully with them will go a long way towards gaining more followers on Instagram.

Focusing your account and posting great content is the main starting point.

From here the most important tools you have to grow your followers are using hashtags to make your posts searchable and searching and following relevant users and forming real connections and relationships with them.

This will give you a list of organic followers who are loyal and will help keep your account growing.