There was a time ‘Social media’ was considered as a synonym of ‘socializing’. People used to register on different social networking platforms to connect with more people, interact, and build relationships. There was a time when social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram was merely a catalyst in the process to live the best of human emotions.

However, things have changed now.

No doubt, social media is still a medium of connectivity. But today, it is considered more as a marketing channel for startups and established brands – a clear proof of which is the following set of statistics:-

  1. In 2018, $74B was invested in Social networking advertising.
  2. 81% of SMBs invest in Social media marketing.
  3. 91% of retailers use two or more social media channels.
  4. 65.8% of US companies use Twitter for marketing.
  5. 77% of Twitter users shared that they feel positive about brands who reply to their tweets.

While the aforementioned numbers clearly indicates that social media marketing is in fashion, it is likely that you might wish to know the exact benefits of this marketing line.

So, taking the same thought forward, let’s turn towards what are the advantages of Social media app marketing.

Benefits of Investing in Social Media App Marketing

1.Higher Visibility

The foremost advantage of putting your efforts into Social media marketing is that it brings you closer to millions of users. It, unlike traditional marketing methods, do not confine your efforts and app visibility to a limited set of people.

As a result, you get better chances of convincing users and turning them into your lifetime audience.

2.Customer Satisfaction

Social media platforms enable you to get access to a heap of data related to your users. They make it easier for you to understand the needs, behaviors, and aspirations of your audience – something that simplifies the definition of customer satisfaction.

In other words, social networking sites make it easier for you to deliver personalized and real-time experience to your audience and keep them hooked to your brand.

3.Instant Results

Another factor that prompts mobile app development companies and marketers to invest in Social media marketing is that it delivers instant results. You need not wait for months and years to see a significant difference in your app downloads.


Social media platforms are free to register and use. Because of this, it requires lower capital to start any campaign or make your presence on social networking sites – something that makes even mobile app startup find it a profitable investment when compared to traditional methods.

5. Low Competition

Above all, only a few companies are familiar with the fact that Social media is the right weapon to promote your application. Meaning, there will be less competition in social media app promotion marketplace.

Now, as you know there are uncountable pros of promoting your app on social media networking, it is quite obvious that you are seeing your future in this field. Or better say, you are excited about hiring some social media influences and promote your application profitably.

But, wait!

Before you jump into the social media promotion world, it is imperative for you to know that not everyone who invest in social media app marketing enjoys success. There are various companies who have gained negligible profits by putting all of their efforts and time into this field.

And the reason behind is that like everything else on this planet, there are certain rules of social media marketing. If you do not look into how to promote your mobile app on social media effectively, you would not get the right ROI.

So, taking the same thought into consideration, let’s look into what is the right way to market your application on Social networking platforms in the next section of this article.

Ways to Promote Your Mobile App on Social Media

1.Schedule Posts

The very first step to consider while promoting your mobile application on Social media is to post regular yet relocatable content about the uses of your app. This will make users find it easier to understand what your application is meant for and thus, increase the chances of getting more installs.

2.Share App Screen Images and Videos

Since visual content like images and videos bring a powerful impact on users, it is again a good decision to invest your efforts into sharing app screens and videos with them.

3.Encourage User-generated Content

An app users promoting your application can make a huge difference in the overall downloads. So, see how to convince your users to share their reviews about your app.

4.Invest efforts in Surveys, Polls, etc.

Last but not least, introduce different activities like surveys and polls to prompt users to interact with your social media page and eventually get more interested into using your application.

With this attended to, it’s likely that you would be looking ahead to get some expertise advice.

So, without ado, here are a few tips and tricks that you must consider while Social media application marketing.

Tips to Look Out for While Promoting Your App on Social Media

1.Understand the Basics of Platform

Every social media platform entertain a different set of audience and using various content forms. For example, Instagram focuses on visual content, while Twitter and LinkedIn are more into textual content.

Having a clear understanding of this can help in delivering the right content piece to your target user base and thus, gain higher ROI.

2.Publish Content at the Right Time

Likewise, sharing content with users at the right time also makes a huge difference. So, look into what time is best for higher engagement and conversion at any particular social media platform and then, invest your efforts into it.

3.Make it a Two-Way Communication Medium

Another tip to make better profits from Social media mobile app marketing is to make your journey interactive. Do not employ it solely for promoting your mobile application, but also use it for getting familiar with your customers concerns and needs. And eventually, upgrade your services to deliver a better experience to them.

4.Perform Competitive Analysis

Keeping a check on what your competitors are doing can ease your way to know what type of content should be shared with the target audience and at what time interval. So, do not limit your efforts of performing competitive analysis for app idea validation. Rather, invest in Competitive analysis for promoting your app effectively too.

5.Keep it an Ongoing Process

Last but not least, do not terminate the social media app marketing process in between. Make it an ongoing process to get lifelong results.

6.Wrapping Up

Social media can be the right weapon to beat the competition and bring more eyeballs on your app page. It can be an ideal tool to drive higher downloads and deliver personalized experience to your audience.

However, this is possible only when you know the right tactics to invest in Social media application marketing and have a clear idea of what to do and what to not when promoting your mobile app – something that we have talked about in this article.

So, refer to this article to gain a comprehensive knowledge of what is the right way of promoting your app on social media and eventually, increase your app downloads.