Regardless of what product or service your brand represents, you will want to utilize Instagram influencers to endorse it.

Instagram has seen an increase in influencers over the last several years, and since they have the power to make or break your brand, you will want to be sure to get in on the right side of the situation.

Keep in mind that even though an influencer might charge you for a single post or recommendation, advertising is no longer a simple “pay to play” proposition.

For your marketing campaign to work, you will need to maximize your visibility, set yourself apart from the competition, and draw positive attention before you make a successful sales pitch.

What’s NOT the best way to contact Instagram influencers?

Leave him a comment on a photo he posted giving your sales or marketing pitch.

Even if you’ve targeted the best Instagram influencer and he is known for replying to comments, it doesn’t mean a random pitch in a comment will glean any interest.

Instead, he may be more inclined to raise an eyebrow, delete your comment, or question your business astuteness altogether.

This is not to say that commenting is a bad thing.

By all means, business owners can and should comment if they appreciate what is being posted.

Just keep your comment directed on the video or photo and ditch the sales pitch altogether.

So what should you do instead? Here are some ways to contact Instagram influencers that will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

Do some research, and then engage on an influencer’s social media page.

Do some research and get to know the influencers you’re interested in.

Not all of the ones you want will want you, and not all of them will be polite about it.

Do some research by looking at their current clients and see if they fit the profile of your desired audience.

Take a look at the influencers they are following on their social media platforms and determine how closely aligned your interests are.

See whose tweets they re-tweet, what pages they like, and what they are talking about on their accounts.

Pay attention to if and how they respond to comments by their followers.

Is this someone who would market your product in a way consistent with how you see your brand?

Would this influencer like your product?

Is this a person with whom you could have an ongoing business relationship?

As you continue following them on their social media pages or their personal blogs, you may want to take your research one step further.

Look for ways to interject yourself into the conversation or ask relevant and insightful questions.

Remember that you’re not pitching to them.

You want to find a genuine, mutual interest and expertise to begin a conversation with them that will grow over time.

Getting an influencer’s attention may be easier than you think if communication makes sense for the both of you.

You will be learning about them, and they will be learning about you and your brand in a way that is natural and intuitive.

Develop your own social media or blog and mention them.

Your social media presence is key, not only to your followers but to anyone you are looking to attract, including influencers.

Use your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as tools to broadcast your ideas, not just your product or service.

While professional Instagram influencers make money off of promotions, you may not be in a position to pay for their endorsement.

But you can mention them in comments, tag them in images, or share their tweets.

Whenever you feel a connection, whether you are compelled to share one of their posts, re-tweet their tweets, or mention them on a different media channel, do it.

You may find that it helps to establish a healthy relationship that is based on shared interests and common communications that you may find leads to a desire on their part to learn more about you and your brand without the necessitation of a sales pitch.

Send samples.

Want to get recognized quickly on the basis of your product’s superior quality?

Pack your product in a professional and presentable way, and send it off with a handwritten note.

Influencers love when you send product with personalized messages because it shows that you value their time and their opinion.

Be sure to give them information about your company’s backstory and product details, and don’t forget to include all of the social media handles and hashtags that will help them find you, your social media accounts, your blog, and your company’s professional website.

While an email is an acceptable form of communication, a handwritten note with a package of products can provide a sense of connection with your brand and with you.

What are some suggestions you have for contacting elusive Instagram influencers? Feel free to share here.