Instagram is the darling of social media savvy individuals, and the reasons are justifiable. The platform has grown over the years to become a contender to Facebook and Twitter. The unique pitch makes it the favorite of business-inclined individuals who want to use the social media network to extend the frontiers of their enterprise.

Nowadays, the current trend is on how to center Instagram Bio. One may wonder about the necessity of this, considering the fact that the platform has no built-in provision for doing so. Here we’ll show you some practical tips to help you pitch your Instagram Biography and gain new followers and leads. First, let’s look at what an Instagram Bio is, and what you stand to gain from it.

What is an Instagram Bio?

Social media networks, like Instagram, are communities that host the good, the bad, and the ugly. Many people use Instagram as a viable platform to propagate their ideas and share their content with the world. Others take advantage of the community size to increase the visibility of their Instagram business. Whichever angle you want to look at it, your Instagram bio is likely the first thing potential followers will see when clicking on your account name and deciding whether or not to follow you.

Why does your bio matter? Because people want to understand the reasons behind your brand and how they will benefit from following you. You also need to achieve this in 160 characters or fewer, so it needs to be catchy and informative.

Why do I need a Centered Instagram Bio?

As we mentioned earlier, your Bio or summary of your public profile is the place someone looks before deciding whether to follow you or not. Many people preach that a centered bio positions your message in an irresistible way to potential Instagram followers. It not only makes your profile unique but commands attention and can help you gain Instagram followers.

Despite Instagram’s user-friendly interface, people still want to extend their customization powers. The current character limit will have you racking your brain for the best choice of words that will describe your personality/Instagram business, and still remain within the specified number of characters. With a centered bio, you can use as many characters as you like to pitch yourself and your brand before your target audience. And these are just a couple of reasons for a centered Instagram bio.

You may not be able to attract all these potential followers without mastery of the centered bio. For better customization, extra content, and a unique profile, you need to understand how to center an Instagram bio. That is precisely what we will teach you in this guide, so let’s get started.

Platform Selection: Which Platform should I use to Center Instagram Bio?

This is a crucial point when you want to center your Instagram bio. Users often wonder which of the two options – app or desktop – is better. It might interest you to know that many Instagram users give less thought to their profile and don’t even consider that the platform they use to edit and post. A good number of users are there to keep up with the latest trends and post content for their friends to see. However, many users take their profile seriously and want to get more followers and likes.

The dilemma here hinges on the disparity that exists between the Instagram app and a desktop version like Webstagram. The number of smartphone users is on the rise, so it would be logical that the Instagram app will be the best platform to use. You should note that the features and benefits you expect may not come out as anticipated when using an app. The desktop/web version offers you more flexibility and more precise view of your profile edit. This does not imply that mobile apps are not useful. In fact, you will find them handy when you want to set up your profile on the go.

Below are the steps that will first help you to edit your Instagram bio from your mobile app. Note that you can make additional changes to your profile when you get into the app. Here is how to go about it:

  • Open the Instagram app in your device.
  • Below the newsfeed are different icons, such as Home, Search, and Profile. The profile is the last icon at the bottom right-hand side of the screen. Click on it.
  • Scroll down the options and locate the “Edit my Profile” option. Click on the column.
  • It is now time to edit your profile. Fill in the details you want to make public. This can be your name or phone number. Don’t forget to edit your bio as well.
  • Click on the “Save” or done “Done” column. Your profile is ready.

Would you rather use the web version? Here are the steps to editing your profile from a PC or mobile browser:

  • Get direct access to Instagram profile edit by clicking on this link:
  • Log in with your email/username and password (if you have not logged in before then).
  • The link will take you straight to your profile. All you need to do is fill in the necessary details, such as name, gender, and telephone number. You can change/update your email address, and edit your bio.

How to Center Instagram Bio without a Line of Code

Your profile is the first place people visit when they come across your account. Also, the bio/description of your personality (or service) is the first thing they’ll look for in your profile. Logically then, it is important to make it as catchy as possible, while using all of your creativity.

Many people see a centered Instagram bio assume sort of coding magic that only years of practice can help you achieve. On the contrary, you don’t need to be a webmaster to align your bio to the center. We have you covered on that and will show you the exact way to center Instagram bio. Get on board as we navigate the process together.

Follow these steps to get that unified and centered look on your bio:

  • Move over to your profile. Our interest is obviously on the bio. So, locate the “Bio” column (you can use the tip on the “Platform Selection” to get to this point)
  • Click on “Edit my Bio
  • Remember that Instagram limits bio to 160 characters. You will need to include spaces to push the text to the center. Remember also that spaces count as characters. In addition, multiple spaces can disorient your text and make it look awkward. We have a trick on that. This is the exact solution (though it will need a few tweaks) to placing your bio at the center. Here’s what to do. Copy the spaces inside the bracket below:


Do not copy the brackets! Only copy the spaces and nothing more. Even when you erroneously copied the brackets, wipe them off before adding the text.

  • Paste the spaces before every line of text in your bio. Don’t worry about the characters! This is the trick Instagram always falls for. It won’t recognize or give much attention to the spaces because that’s just what they are – “empty spaces.”

As an alternative, you can paste the spaces before any word/phrase that you want to position to the center.

  • Now that you have gotten the last stages correct let’s go the next step. This is where it gets tricky. You have to remove spaces at intervals. Without this, the text that had spaces before/after them will be in a disorderly form. To achieve this, you have to click the “Save/Done” button after pasting the spaces before the text.
  • Check your profile and see how it looks. You’ll have to go back to the drawing board if the text is scattered all over the place instead of being at the center.
  • Remove a few spaces before the text. You can also add a few spaces before the text. It all depends on the structure of the text when you view it on your profile. If the text is a few inches away from each line, you can delete some spaces. Add more spaces if they are not close to the center. Click “Save/Done” again and check your profile.

Now, your bio is complete with all the text centered. You can see that it requires little effort (though you have to be smart and calculating).

Note: This is a trial and error approach. You must always watch the texts impression on your profile after each adjustment. Add more spaces when the text is few inches away from the center. Otherwise, delete the necessary spaces when they are far away from the center. Regular saves and checking of your profile will help you find out the areas that need adjustments.

Do not make your bio a story-telling ground. It is true that you want to grab the attention of the audience. But be careful not to overdo it. Use shorter words/sentences to build-up your bio. This way, the spaces will not be fighting for accommodation into the 160-character limit.

What you need to know about spacing on Instagram

The first thing you need to note is that what we’ll call the “spacing policy” is not for Instagram alone. There are other platforms out there that will truncate your spaces as soon as you click the “save” button after editing. \ Twitter may be doing just that! The character limit for a post is similar to Instagram’s character limit for bio. So, where do you go from here?

We understand the frustration you get when the text is still together after editing it. Do not fling your device out of the window! Have you tried the tips above? If you have not, do so immediately and be happy you didn’t take out your frustration on your cell phone. If it doesn’t center as you plan, keep trying until it does! That’s the secret many Instagram users use in setting up that bio that catches your eye.

Back to Instagram and the rules on spacing. The idea here is that the platform has serious objections to the use of spaces. So, do not be surprised that the text may crawl back together after you save. We all need “space” in our lives and need the same in our bio. It can be to create distinct looks among texts or to show some creativity. Don’t expect your random words to come through after inserting spaces. Instagram is against this and will be glad to fling the extra spaces out of the window.

You’ve now seen the reason why the text may revert back to normal. The tips we shared on keeping your text at the center are valid. However, there are extra tweaks you can use to nail your bio without interference from Instagram.

The Tweaks to Center Instagram Bio

We pointed out that you have to copy the spaces in the given bracket. Did you imagine where we got that? Certainly not on Instagram! Doing so amounts to shooting yourself in the foot. The spaces we provided are from a third-party. That is what you will learn from the tweaks we are about to share. With these, you can create your own spaces and use them on Instagram.

  • Do not write/create your spaces on Instagram

This is what we consider the “golden rule” in patterning your bio to the center. Instagram automatically detects the extra spaces and takes them off. The way to get around this is by creating the spaces with a third-party app. After that, you can paste it on your bio and make necessary adjustments.

  • Avoid the edges of the spaces or characters that are not blank

It all depends on what you want. You can create spaces with arrows, brackets or any fancy symbol. You may be wondering why these edges (brackets, arrows) are of importance to spacing. Can’t I make the spaces without involving any symbol? You can! But how do you pick out the spaces? They’re invisible! That is why you need something visible to differentiate the spaces.

When you copy the spaces, avoid copying the first and last character. They are just there to enclose the spaces. Copying and integrating them into the text can make nonsense of the work. Also, it can be “an alert” that will get Instagram on its toes. You wouldn’t want this to play out, would you? Then, copy only the spaces and leave the edges.

  • Add and delete spaces

This is something you should look out for. Your text may become shaggy and without form when you don’t implement this. Remember that the spaces are there to push your text to the center. Hence, you must be vigilant and find out when this crosses the limit. Adding and deleting spaces is common when you center Instagram bio. Yet, it can be tricky if you don’t know how to do it. We have a few tips for walking you through the process.

  • Add a few spaces at a time

It is important to add more spaces when your text isn’t entirely centered. How do you figure this out when editing? The only way is to save your changes and check your updated bio. From there you can see the text alignment and check if it is close to the center. Add more spaces if it is not. This will push the text to the center (or any other position you may want).

  • Delete spaces

This is usually the case when the copied spaces are too long. It can also be because of multiple additions of spaces. Whichever way be mindful not to overdo it. Delete the spaces when the text is literally “running away from the center.” If this is the case, you have to “drag the spaces back” to the center. Use the “backspace” or “delete” button on your PC and the delete arrow in your smartphone.

  • Use Unconventional Symbols

Did you know that certain symbols can make your bio attractive? Play around with some symbols from your keyboard and see how alluring your profile can look. You can choose from the stickers/smiley on Instagram or, as an alternative, you can copy and paste symbols from other platforms.

  • Add Emojis

These will add more variety to your profile. Consider using suitable ones that will speak to the emotions of your audience. Thus, they will get lured into your profile and everything about you after reading your bio.

  • Use Line Breaks

Line breaks are the “next big thing” when you want to center Instagram bio. Many users only consider the use of adding and deleting spaces. While line breaks do not actually get to the center, they do help your Instagram bio to stand out. They are aligned to the left-hand side of your bio, and you will get the benefit of clear text arrangement in your profile. Thus, line breaks can be an alternative to the use of spaces. Some people combine both. Just do whatever works for you!

  • Decide on text layout

There are basically two ways you can position your text.  As discussed, the most popular layout is the centered bio. However, there is the “staggered” layout that you can use. This works like the centered bio, but the major difference is the number of spaces and alignment. The staggered layout uses a mixed amount of spaces on each line.

Note that staggered lines are better off when the sentences are long. Otherwise, make use of the centered layout for shorter words/sentences.

Third-Parties for Centered Bio

You will agree that you won’t go far in placing a centered bio on Instagram. There is a likelihood that the platform will change the texts to default. You may think that a centered Instagram bio won’t make much of a difference if there is a chance that the platform will change the text back to its default. In this case, there is a need to employ extra hands to help you achieve a centered bio on Instagram.

Note that what you are creating is either spaces or the exact description/bio you want to put up on your profile. There are three functional means to achieve this. We’ll look at them now and how you can go about this.

  1. Facebook

This platform holds the position of the foremost social media network. Apart from being a community for interactions, it can also be a place to reinvent your Instagram bio. All you need is to create the number of spaces/texts and paste them on Instagram.

You may be wondering what makes Facebook fool-proof. Does it not work like Instagram? Won’t my texts/spaces return to default after pasting on Instagram? The answer to all these is an emphatic “no.”

If you are an ardent user of the platform, you will notice that Facebook does not use the same restrictions as Instagram. It allows you to add and retain the same spacing after updating your bio. This is the reason why you have to use it in creating your text or typing the spaces.


The “What’s on your mind” section (pictured above) is a nice place to do this. Simply create the spaces with a bracket, copy and paste on your Instagram profile. Adding and removing the spaces can be annoying so compose the description goal at once before copying and pasting.

  1. WhatsApp

This app means many things to different people. To some, it is a real-time chat app. Others deem it a viable place to do business. For you and many others that want to center Instagram bio, WhatsApp is the right place to create spaces/line breaks. Click the message box column to begin typing. See the picture to understand where to click:

Screenshot 1.png

The alphabetical keys will appear after clicking the “type a message” column.

Use the shown keys (below) to type the words/sentences that will appear in your Instagram bio.

Screenshot 2.png

Do you want to type the text on Instagram instead of WhatsApp? Then, use the space key to create the number of spaces you want. Use brackets to close when you are through.

The picture below points out the right button that will create the spaces for you:

Screenshot 3.png

Remember we talked about inserting a smiley into your bio? If you typed the text on WhatsApp, you can click on the icon shown below to add a smiley, and you can copy this too if you want.

Screenshot 4.png

Now, our text/space is ready! It is time to copy it and head to Instagram to paste it. The picture below shows how you can copy the texts/spaces:


Click on “Select All”, after which you copy the text. Head to your Instagram profile and paste in your bio. That’s it on working out your Instagram bio components on WhatsApp.

  1. Note Pads

This is the “easy way out” when you can’t log in to your Facebook or WhatsApp accounts. Creating content on note pads is seamless. Consider this an option if you do not wish to use the previous platforms. Remember that Note Pads are exclusive to iOS devices. However, you can download compatible note-taking applications from distributions platforms such as the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

Note: The list above is all about the top three (3) platforms you can create spaces/texts for your Instagram bio. Other third-party platforms can offer the same service. Do you know that you can get the same output from Microsoft Word? Open the app in your phone or PC and set your preferred font and size. Afterward, type the texts or spaces. Copy and paste in your Instagram profile.

You now know all these. Why don’t you try them out?

Additional Ideas for Instagram Bio Engagement

We hope you have gotten some useful information out of everything we’ve written so far. But we are not done yet! Bio creation can be easy or tough. It depends on the aspect you choose. We are not making it an overly simple process. Neither are we making it hard. The rules of bio engagement stipulate that a well-formed bio attracts followers, while a poorly planned and edited one may not attract the target audience.

We believe that something worth doing is worth doing well. Therefore, we are taking it even further by showing you additional tweaks you can use for your Instagram bio. It will do you a lot of good if you can put them to work. So, let’s take the final lap. Here are a number of different ideas that can attract the target audience to your profile.

  • Adding Line Breaks to your Bio

We pointed out earlier the importance of line breaks – they make a bio look neat. Also, it helps you to maintain consistency when spacing out the text. On the other hand, using line breaks effectively can be tricky. There is a need to master the procedure/method of application for maximum gain.

There are two ways to do this. There is the option to type these from the Notes App (highly recommended) or typing directly on Instagram. Yes, you heard it right! You can add line breaks live on Instagram without the usual copy and paste. Let’s move on so you can see how this is possible.

Typing from the Notes App

This is for those that want to continue with the era of “copy and paste.” Even with this, adding line breaks from a Notes App is a viable option. Here is how to go about it:

  • Open the app
  • Create your bio/caption
  • Create these invisible spaces *                                 * (you can do it on another page and copy and paste when you need it). You can only attach/paste the spaces in the next line where you want to create a line break. You can add it as many times as possible. Paste the spaces many times if you want more than one line break.
  • Remove the asterisks when you are through with the caption/bio.
  • Copy all the text and paste in your Instagram bio column.

Adding Line Breaks directly on Instagram

Having enough spacing in your text is essential. That is the reason why you need line breaks in your bio (you can also use them in your Instagram posts). Before you start, have in mind that you need symbols such as hyphen (-) period (.) to demarcate the lines. This is the only way to achieve line breaks when typing directly on your Instagram bio. Follow these steps to add the breaks without using a third-party, such as Note Apps.

  • Go to the “Bio” column in your profile.
  • Starting typing the text/caption that will be there.
  • Tap the “Enter” (return) button when you need a line break.
  • Add your preferred symbol in the next line (we recommend using the period).
  • Tap the “Enter” (return) button to complete the process.
  • Continue typing from the next paragraph until you exhaust the number of characters.

Note: It is preferable to use a Note App to create line breaks. Typing directly on Instagram will make your work untidy. This is because the symbols you choose will be visible, even though they act as spaces between paragraphs. Thus, we recommend note-taking apps for creating line breaks for your Instagram bio. Though, you can try your hand with both and choose the one that you find suitable.

Should I Center Instagram Bio?

The choice is yours! However, there are many benefits to why you should place your bio at the center.

First, it offers a more unobstructed view of your profile. The integration of line breaks and the appropriate spacing makes your bio the tenth wonder of the world. You will also be thrilled by the orderly form of your text after you tweak it correctly.

On the flip side, there are some reasons why you should not center Instagram bio. It is essential to consider these factors before you decide to continue.

First, a centered bio does not look good from a desktop point-of-view. This is a pretty minor problem though. A more significant number of users access Instagram from their smartphones. So, no need to bother about the distorted lines.

Second, long sentences can trigger a break-up in the text. This is because it is hard to maintain the spaces (even after adding and deleting) when the text is lengthy. Again, this problem can solve itself. Use short sentences instead!

Finally, you will have to make great use of spaces. As you know, Instagram has a limit of 160 characters. It will interest you to know that spaces also count. Thus, the more spaces you type, the more characters that are ticked off the box. There may be no viable trick to get over this. However, we suggest the use of a few spaces. Four – six spaces can still work this magic for you.

Don’t Hype your Bio

There is no need trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. Your bio is still what it is – a bio! Hence, it is vital to keep sentences as short as possible. Also, consider a little formatting. We know you want to make it attractive. But keep it simple and classy. Above all, the tips we rendered so far will help you format and pull off one of the best Instagram bios ever.

How to Center Instagram Bio
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