To many, the life of an Instagram Influencer seems ideal. Influencers get to be on social media all day, create beautiful posts, can often work from home as their own boss, get to help others through their work, are often an inspiration, and so on.

Many people dream of becoming Influencers themselves. Influencer marketing is expected to grow into a $10 billion industry by next year, and with 70 percent of millennial consumers trusting Influencers over celebrities, there’s a lot of space in the industry for new Influencers to step in and make a name for themselves.

However, not everyone who wants to knows how to go about becoming an Instagram Influencer—there are specific qualities and practices that every successful Instagram Influencer has that helps them achieve their success.


First and foremost, successful Instagram Influencers have passion—they have a specific passion, and they are passionate about what they do.

Having a passion such as fitness, food, etc., is important since it will allow you to focus on one thing and target your efforts instead of trying to cover everything in a very nonspecific way. When you focus on fitness, or get even more in-depth and focus on yoga, you can reach a particular audience and connect with them instead of just skimming over everything.

Being passionate is also vital since it is a big part of what will drive you to stick with it and excel at what you do. As great as being an Influencer can be, some days are hard and tedious, and it may take more than just a desire to be an Influencer to keep you going.

Consistent Posting

How often an Influencer posts can affect their success. Influencers who have larger followings and better engagement rates are those who are posting consistently and reliably.

If you want to have success as an Instagram Influencer, you have to meet expectations and be reliable for your followers by posting consistently.

Ultimately, you get to choose how often and at what times of day you post, but did you know that there have been studies that show how regularly you should be posting to get the best results?

Research shows that you should post between one and two times per day and no more than three times on Instagram and that the best times to post are around 9:00 AM and 11:00 PM EST. Believe it or not, consistently posting and posting strategically throughout the day can affect your success as an Instagram Influencer.

Trend Setting and Spotting

A successful Influencer is someone who can spot trends before they happen or as they are just starting to pick up, or better yet, someone who sets trends and starts them themselves.

You can’t predict every trend and may not be able to set many of your own, but if you want to see success as an Influencer then being able to spot or set trends will be a huge help.

Instagram is all about what’s trending, whether it be fashion, food, or the latest challenge. If you’re someone who has an eye for trends within your industry and can spot them before they take off, you’ll be able to reap the rewards. You’ll be able to get on board early and help fuel that trend and build momentum as it gets going and moves along.

An Interest in What Makes People Tick

Successful Instagram Influencers are interested in what makes their followers act the way they do, what gets the best responses, etc. and are always experimenting and researching to get the best results.

Did you know that 86 percent of consumers are more likely to buy something when the purchasing process has been made easy, or that customers are motivated more by loss than by gain?

There’s a lot of psychology that goes into social media marketing, and if you want to be a successful Instagram Influencer, then an interest in that type of psychology will help. Understanding and learning about how colors, typography, specific words, and more will affect your followers and influence their decisions will help you be a more successful Influencer. You’ll be able to more effectively reach your followers and get better results for the companies you work alongside.


An Instagram Influencer who is successful is one who is real, honest, transparent, and relatable with and to their audience.

Something that old-timey salespeople didn’t seem to understand is that people know when they’re being pitched to, when they hear exaggerations, and when they’ve been told something for the sake of a sale.

If you want to be a successful Instagram Influencer, then you’ll need to ignore those outdated tactics, open up, and maybe even get vulnerable. Being honest in your reviews of products, letting followers see behind the scenes, and being realistic about who you are and what you do is a great way to show authenticity, be relatable, and build up trust with your audience.

Hashtag Mastery

Hashtags are a big part of Instagram, and successful Influencers know which ones to use, when to use them, and how to optimize them for best results.

As important as they are, hashtags aren’t always easy to master. However, having a good understanding of them and which ones to use in your posts can help you grow your account, expand your reach, gain more followers, and get more attention, leading to even more success as an Instagram Influencer.

Even if you do have a good grasp on what are the most popular hashtags at the time, it can be challenging to get them right every time. Using a free Instagram hashtags generator like HashtagsForLikes can help keep you on top of the game.


An important quality that every successful Instagram Influencer has is determination. They stick with it, even when they don’t want to.

As mentioned, the Instagram Influencer life isn’t always as fun or glamorous as it sounds, and if you don’t have the resolve and determination to stick with it beforehand, then you may not make it through a streak of rough days.

Determination is an excellent quality to have in general, whether you’re planning to work as an Influencer or not. But if you do want to become a successful Influencer on Instagram, then you should sit down, make a plan, and set your mind to it beforehand to help you get through the rough days you’ll inevitably have—at least every now and again.

How To Become An Instagram Influencer
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How To Become An Instagram Influencer
Everyone wants to become an Influencer and with so many people trying to get in the game it can be hard to stand out. We talk about some of the qualities any potential Influencers need.
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