It’s incredibly easy to buy followers on Instagram, the question most people have it should I buy followers on Instagram?

There are definitely some downsides to buying followers but if done in the right way, it can really pay off.

Here are five reasons why paid Instagram followers can give you the boost you need.

Real Followers

You can actually buy real followers instead of fake spam accounts that give buying followers a bad reputation.

Having a large number of followers doesn’t mean anything unless you are getting some sort of engagement going with it.

By purchasing real followers, especially ones within your niche, you can actually convert them into real followers.

When your posts don’t get any engagement, it’s a sign that your audience isn’t interested in it.

And if your audience isn’t interested in it, Instagram doesn’t think anyone else will be, so it won’t be appearing on any Explore pages or Search results.

It is also off-putting for brands looking for ambassadors or partners.

That’s the number one rule when buying followers, make sure they are ‘real’ accounts, and by that, we mean at the very least someone is keeping them active each day.

Popularity Equals Popularity

One of the reasons buying followers can give you the boost you need to become successful on Instagram is that when people see an account with lots of followers they are more likely to follow it.

It gives you a certain amount of credibility.

If you see two Coffee Lovers accounts, one had 15 followers and the other has 15,000, you’re more likely to follow the account with 15,000 followers.


Because if only 15 people think the first account is worth following it can’t possibly be interesting, but if 15,000 people follow the other account, it’s clearly posting something you need to see.

Buying followers can help give you that little boost you need to help launch your Instagram career.

Follow Swapping

There are even schemes where you can pay for a service and you’ll then exchange follows with people in your niche.

This is paying for followers but you’re getting 100% real people with real accounts.

This can really help give your account a boost because they are likely to engage in your content and become authentic contributors to your presence on Instagram.

Seeing as they wanted to buy followers too, you know they also want to be successful on Instagram.

Consequently, the more you interact with their content, the more likely they are to reciprocate because they’ll also be wanting to build up their visibility and place in the community too.

Boosting Visibility

Buying followers can help boost your account’s visibility. Hopefully with more followers comes a heightened level of engagement, and this is what will help your posts be seen. Along with the use of hashtags, geo-tags, high-quality photos, and witty or interesting captions, engagement levels will help you to be featured more prominently on all of Instagram’s public pages.

These include hashtag searches, location searches, and the Explore page.

Once your account has received that little boost of extra followers, more of these doors will open for you and all of the perks that come with them.

In conclusion, buying followers can give you a boost on Instagram in terms of growing your account.

It’ll give your more social credit and help maximize your visibility and more people will be able to see your posts and what you stand for.