Consistency is key, so if you set your goal to post twice a day, it’s important to stick to this in order to gain more followers on Instagram.

But how many times a day is optimum to be posting on Instagram? Is there a magic number? There have been a few studies into this, investigating things like whether posting twice a day gets you double the number of likes, comments and new followers as once a day; or if posting excessively reduces the amount of engagement on each post.

Daily Average

On average, businesses tend to post about 1.5 times a day.

Once a day is considered low, and three times a day is considered high.

The key is to make your posts necessary and beneficial, so basically don’t bombard your followers with a ton of Instagram posts just for the sake of posting, make sure they add value to your agenda.

There isn’t a downside to posting more than this if your posts are relevant, as long as you’re consistent with your schedule.

Businesses that increased their blog posts via Instagram from 3-5 per month to 6-8 found that their leads doubled.

Excessive Posting

Research has found that posting frequently throughout the day on Instagram will not negatively affect your engagement and number of followers, on the condition that your posts are all of a high quality and you post consistently the same amount each day.

You can post once a day or 20 times a day, and unlike other social media outlets, the sheer volume of posts doesn’t impact your engagement.

Consistency is the most important factor, users don’t like it if you post once one day, and 30 the next, but if you post 30 every day, that’s acceptable.

Changing the frequency of posting will lose your followers and generate less engagement per post.

Special Events

The one exception to this rule seems to be if you are having a special event or launching a new product.

This is when you’ll have more to say than usual, so even though you’re posting more than usual the posts should still be high quality and will be of interest to your followers.

An example of this is when beauty brand Glossier launched their new product, Lidstar.

They posted nearly 10 times in one day during the launch.

Because of the excitement surrounding the new product launch, its followers were happy for the extra posts and it didn’t experience a drop in engagement.

Special events like London or New York Fashion Week will see fashion bloggers posting a higher amount than usual, but because it’s a special event, followers enjoy the extra posts and engagement levels are maintained.

If a blogger suddenly posted 10 times more than usual for no apparent reason, and then the next day dropped back down to usual, it’s likely they’d experience a drop in engagement and loss of followers.

There are a number of factors that come into play when deciding how many times to post on Instagram per day.

1-3 is a good number, but as long as you are posting roughly the same amount each day and the quality of additional posts remains high, you can choose the best number for you.

The timing of when you make your posts comes into play as well, you need to find out which times of day your audience is active on Instagram and use these as the daily posting times.

Combine these factors and you’ll be sure to boost your likes and followers on Instagram.