It’s a well-known fact that you have to add hashtags to your posts on Instagram in order for them to be found.

People even talk in real life in hashtags, that’s how much a part of society they have become.

Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags to each post, but this could be construed as a spam-worthy amount.

On the other hand, use too few hashtags and your Instagram posts won’t get found.

So, how many hashtags is just the right amount?

10 Hashtags or Less

Research has shown that engagement levels on Instagram are highest when between four and 10 hashtags

are used in one post.

It also suggests that engagement levels don’t increase after four or five but maintain the same level of engagement.

Engagement levels were found to being to drop off when users added over 10 hashtags to their posts.

Make Hashtags Count

After literally counting your hashtags, make each hashtag count.

If you’re only using four or five, you need to make certain they are what is currently relevant to your niche’s audience.

Always remember to check how popular the hashtags are by seeing how many posts are using them, to avoid using ones no one is searching for and also ones that too many people (over one million) are using.

Ensure you’re not using banned hashtags because your post won’t show up in a search.


More important than the number, though still bear that in mind, is the quality of the hashtags themselves.

You shouldn’t need many hashtags if the ones you’re using are describing your photo, engaging your audience and placing them properly within the description text.

Don’t forget that it’s all about the photo plus the hashtags, not the other way around.

Different photos warrant different amounts of hashtags, this will help you keep relevance to your hashtags rather than just sticking to a set number each post.

What Happens If I Use Too Many?

If by too many you mean over the 30 that Instagram allows, your caption will not be posted with your photo.

This obviously has an incredibly negative impact because it has the reverse effect intended for hashtags, your post won’t be searchable and won’t have an accompanying caption to accentuate the post.

If you don’t use over 30 but are still using a lot of hashtags (between 11-30), there can still be a negative impact. Using this many on each post can look like you want anyone and everyone to like your post and you’re not interested in building up an authentic following.

It can also attract some people who aren’t genuinely interested in your content, but who merely want likes and follows in return for their engagement.

When adding hashtags to your posts don’t just think about how many hashtags is too many on Instagram but set yourself a scale of perhaps four to 10 per post.

From there work with the particular photo and try and incorporate the hashtags into the description text rather than just lumping them onto the end like an after-thought.

Once you’ve started adding in the right amount of relevant hashtag