So you’re one of the 250 million people using Instagram Stories every day, but you can’t quite figure out how to add more to your Stories to maximize the impact? Here’s everything you need to know about adding more to your Instagram Stories.

Practically Speaking

Tap on the Stories icon and from here you can upload multiple files from your Gallery and select them in the order you want them to appear.

The following page allows you to add any stickers, GIFs, filters or text, before clicking ‘Share’.

If you already have a Story live and want to add another upload to the existing post, just repeat the steps above.

You can add multiple photos in one upload or add them individually throughout the day. Either way, they will play in sequence when users view them.

How To Add A Boomerang

You don’t even have to leave the Stories section to create a Boomerang. Under the record button is the Boomerang icon, click it to add this popular GIF to your Stories.

If you already have one ready you’d like to add to your Stories, you can also add any saved Boomerangs from your Gallery. There is also a hands-free option now, if your photographer isn’t around and you happen to have found the perfect spot for a Boomerang. Tap and hold the Hands-Free button and a timer pops up.

Add To A Video Series

With a time limit of 15 seconds, some days we need to add a series of videos into our Stories to share everything we have to say.

Whether you record a series of short Live Videos throughout the day as your story unfolds or record a longer video and cut it up into shorter clips, they are both good ways to add more to your Stories throughout the day.

Old Or New, It’s All Good

Previously Instagram only allowed users to select media content shot within a 24-hour time frame to be uploaded to Stories.

Now, however, you can choose any photo or video from your entire Gallery.

This means you can add both old and new footage to your Instagram Stories. Gone are the time pressures to add content to your Stories the same day you took it, now you have ample time to edit it before you add it.

You can even add in throwbacks or use old photos for comparisons, for example, if you’ve done a home renovation or if you’ve lost a lot of weight and want to show before and after shots.

Or even if you had some great footage but simply didn’t have time to add it to your Stories the day it was taken, this new amendment has really opened some doors for adding to your Stories.

Adding to your Instagram is as easy as adding a regular post, maybe more so as it automatically puts it in sequence with your other Stories uploads.

Adding more throughout the day keeps your audience engaged and builds anticipation among them of your next post, a sure way to get more likes on Instagram.