How to get more Instagram followers and increase your popularity is the key to having a successful account. This article contains some of the most effective tips for getting more Instagram followers and growing your Instagram account popularity.

Create an Instagram Profile That Matches Your Brand

This is the first opportunity you have to make a brand impression and entice people to hit that “follow” button. Instagram profiles are another form of a landing page for consumers – the visuals and style of your Instagram profile should match the vision of your brand and page. Completing this and making it appealing is now more important than ever is the first step on your journey to get more Instagram followers.

Use the Right Instagram Hashtags

Be specific and use Instagram hashtags that appeal to your target market. Avoid using only the most used hashtags as these posts may get lost in the crowd and targeted by bots which won’t help you to get more Instagram followers that are genuine. A mixture of niche hashtags and popular hashtags work well when targeting a specific audience.

Try using hashtags in your comments instead of your captions – this way you can add your maximum thirty without overloading your captions. However, don’t feel the need to add them all if they’re not relevant!

Create a brand hashtag for long-term engagement. Instagram allows users to follow hashtags and creates hashtag pages. Campaigns and competitions to promote your hashtags help develop your brand and help you get more Instagram followers.

Post to Instagram at least once a day

According to a study by Tailwind, if you move from posting once per week on Instagram to 1-6 times per week, you can double your Instagram follower growth rate. By posting daily, this rate increases your opportuniy to get More Instagram followers 4x.

Only 5% of Instagram accounts post once or more per week, so there are a huge number of people not taking advantage of this simple method of increasing Instagram followers and growing their Instagram account.

As well as gaining new Instagram followers, increasing the number of posts on Instagram to at least once per day also increases engagement rates and the number of Instagram likes – Tailwind estimate that moving from posting less than once per week to at least once a day will increase Instagram likes nearly 1,300%! More likes will help you get more Instagram followers.

Utilise The Instagram Search & Explore Tab

One of the best ways to get more Instagram followers is through clever searches and o get featured on the search tab. Here are a few of the more successful methods:

  1. Use appropriate Instagram hashtags and location tags. Hashtags need to be relevant or you’re not going to be reaching the Instagram followers you are targeting. Search your hashtags to find similar tags to find which are more popular and which appeal to niche audiences
  2. Utilise Instagram Insights on your Instagram business profile. You can use this tool to track the days and hours when your target audience is most active. Posting at the best time possible increases the likelihood it will appear at the top of the Instagram search page and help you get more followers.
  3. Collaborate! When someone likes one of your Instagram posts, it vastly increases the likelihood that this post will be seen by their Instagram followers. The more Instagram followers they have the more people will see your post! Ideally, the other Instagram accounts liking yours will be related so that you are engaging new users from your target Instagram followers.
  4. Tag other Instagram users. This works better for large Instagram accounts with hundreds of thousands or millions of Instagram followers. The community managers for these big accounts often like posts they are tagged in to engage their Instagram followers – this like means your post will then be seen by all their Instagram followers!
  5. Create a conversation. A high amount of engagement on your Instagram posts boosts your chances of appearing on the Instagram Explore page. The algorithm favours user engagement so create call-to-actions, ask questions, promote branded hashtags, and reply to your Instagram followers’ comments.

Follow and cooperate with Instagram Influencers

Engaging Instagram influencers is a great way to increase your Instagram following. Like their posts, comment with well thought out remarks, share their Instagram posts with your Instagram followers, and offer information that is of use to them. This makes your Instagram account much more likely to appear to their followers and you can benefit from their popularity.

This doesn’t just extend to Instagram influencers though, remember to engage your audience in a similar way to strengthen the relationship with existing Instagram followers.

Post on Instagram at The Right Time

Use your Instagram Insights to see what time your Instagram posts are getting the most engagement. There is no specific “right time” for every follower on Instagram, rather times when your audience is most active. Experiment and watch your stats to determine when is the best time for you to post.

You can also schedule Instagram posts in order to reach users in other time zones that may be most active when you are otherwise unable to post. This is a great way to get more organic Instagram followers.

Use Instagram Stories and Live Video for More Exposure

Locations and Instagram hashtags also have stories and videos attached to them. Exploiting their growth and posting in different mediums increases your chances of being featured on the explore tabs will be a sure way to get more Instagram followers.

As with any Instagram post, make sure you are using the right hashtags and location tags. Simply use a sticker or write in the tag on your story or event to open it up to being featured. You can add multiple tags by hiding some underneath stickers so you aren’t cluttering your story or video.

Posting live videos at events relevant to your brand is a great way to attract the right Instagram followers. If you’re streaming something interesting, this can attract the attention of Instagram users and turn a casual viewer into a new Instagram follower.

Advertise on Instagram

As well as reaching out to Instagram users through all the above methods, using targeted advertisements on Instagram can reach relevant users you weren’t able to find otherwise. Put in consistent effort and ensure you are analysing your ad statistics like you would your normal Instagram posts.

We hope that you found some useful tips to help you get more Instagram followers.