Getting Likes for Instagram

Getting likes for Instagram and focusing on your engagement is equally important as getting caught up and focusing on follower count.

Throughout this article I’m going to explain why the importance of Instagram likes and engagement metrics are far more important than focusing on Follower count, and recommend some powerful growth services that can help you achieve this on autopilot!

Influencers and businesses read this! After intensive research on how to get Instagram followers & growing a successful Instagram that also produces revenue for influencers and ROI for businesses it’s clear that people are quickly catching on that follower count is not everything.

In a recent research article, Union Metrics explain that businesses are starting to look at engagement rate rather than follower count.

With engagement being a lot harder to obtain, and followers far more easy to get a hold of, engagement shows value in a profile, it shows how active you’re following us.

Focusing on your engagement rather than the amount of followers you have, will actually help you grow your followers. Instagrams algorithm measures the popular of an account profile by engagement, if an upload gets a good amount of engagement Instagram will trigger the upload as popular, this will mean your upload will be seen on the explore page for the #hashtags you used. This can potentially increase your exposure and help more traffic come, as a result of your good engagement your followers will grow on autopilot.

Why Engagement is an Important Metric

Instagram likes and other engagement metrics such as comments, views & likes are crucial to the success of your Instagram this because Instagram measures your popularity and quality of your content based on engagement, this is the fundamental success to the growth of your followers too.

I discovered after reading an article on medium that there are tools that can help you increase your engagement, called auto likes for Instagram

Boosting your Instagram likes is the fastest way to grow your following on instagram with real Instagram followers this is because of all the organic exposure your uploads will get and the chance your posts go viral! No longer focus on follower count, that will grow as a result of you focusing on boosting your Instagram likes.


Your success can be weighed heavily on the amount of engagement you  have. It’s important to be using the correct Hashtags as if you get featured in the top of a Hashtag list your likes will start flowing in. The analysts at Hashtagsforlikes source the most trending Hashtags and also certain Niche Hashtags so you can have the best chance at getting your content to the top of a Hashtag search.

Become Influential

Have a strong Instagram following and good engagement on Instagram can give you the power to influence others because you’re ‘popular’ on Instagram. This will lead to a natural growth organically, using the correct social media growth tools can help you skyrocket your Instagram growth.

Final Thoughts:

With Instagram hitting over 1 Million active monthly users and growing rapidly as a very popular social network, & one billion users now, it’s a very important platform to be using as a influencer or business. This growth isn’t slowing done, its continuing to rapidly grow.

It’s a worthwhile platform to invest in growing your fanbase, I highly recommend using authentic tools that will help in growth such as Hashtagsforlikes,

This seems to be the hidden secret influencers are using to grow their Instagram and is proven to be the fastest way to grow your followers.