We all know how important it is to have more Instagram followers. You grow your audience, share new things with them, and reach another level of presence on Instagram. If you wonder how to get followers on Instagram, you need to know some practical ways that actually bring results.

Almost all of the articles you will read about how to get more followers on Instagram to stem from two roots – buying followers or a long drawn out process of engaging with Instagram users and their content as well as fostering and nurturing these online relationships. While both of these are definitely worth investigating, here are simple hacks to getting more Instagram followers quickly. We all need that quick growth spurt sometimes to prevent a dreaded plateau.

1. Be More Active

One of the best ways of how to get a lot of followers on Instagram is by being more active. Make sure that you post regularly, at least once a day, and get ready for some new methods. Sharing engaging content will definitely keep your audience engaged. At the same time, organizing your photos can hugely help you if you want to get free Instagram followers.

When it comes to organizing content, we talk about the style of your Instagram profile. So many different options are available, but only one thing is a sure win. It’s unique.

be more active to get instagram followers

People gather around Instagram profiles that are different. That difference could be photos of your dog or the favorite food you like to eat captured in a unique manner. You should also apply the consistent style for your photos. It could be a black and white style or any other style you find interesting.

Try to be special and keep the same style all over again. Your Instagram followers will definitely like to see your uniqueness.

2. Turn On Post Notifications

While it’s never a good idea to spam anyone, turning on post notifications for the people you want to grab the attention of is a wise move. Every time they share new content on Instagram, you’ll be notified, and if you’re among the first to comment, you’ll get the attention of a lot of people. The attention of many people often equates to a whole bunch of new Instagram followers. This is also an amazing trick for the query of how to get followers on Instagram.

turn on post notifications

3. Add Instagram To Everything

It might be that you only have an Instagram account, but for most people, they’ll have a host of social media accounts, an email blast, and a website. Add your Instagram tag to everything. Sending out an e-blast? Add your Instagram. Posting a new blog? Add a button linking to your Instagram account. Have Facebook? Connect your accounts. You get the idea.

By doing this, you’ll be migrating all your Instagram followers from everywhere else to your Instagram account, and basically, you’ll be gaining Instagram followers who already love your brand so they won’t be a hard sell.

how to get followers on Instagram

4. Use Your Instagram Audience

Literally, use them. Add in photos of them wearing your products, or before and after photos if you have, for example, running a weight loss program or offering a beauty regime. What this gives your brand social proof. It shows your Instagram audience that you’re reliable and trustworthy; other people use your brand and trust your brand; therefore, it’s okay if they do too.

use your instagram audience

5. Video Thumbnails

It might seem like an odd one but never neglect your video thumbnail. Posting videos on Instagram is great, and users love them. However, if the resting image is blurry, dull, or it’s just unclear what’s happening, it can be the difference in your followers watching it and scrolling right past it.

Choose the thumbnail, which makes the video look most clickable, where the person starring looks at their best. It’s easy to do, just click Choose a Cover Frame in the Edit window.

video thumbnails

This is how to get more followers on Instagram with these five Instagram hacks. These hacks should give you a quick bump in the number of followers you have on Instagram. It’s important not to let your Instagram account sink into a rut. Keep changing things up and trying new things to keep your account fresh and exciting to maintain a steady increase in Instagram followers.

However, other than these hacks, plenty of the most practical strategies are also mentioned below. Try following them!

6. Respect Captions

Many media companies can’t make it work on Instagram. They have photos, and they have the articles, but they don’t have the captions. A success story is National Geographic, who provides the perfect compromise. They obviously have impressive photos, but instead of letting them speak for themselves (never a good idea, people need guidance in their reactions), they add in a paragraph of information to their Instagram posts.

mention captions

It’s not as extensive as a whole article, obviously, so it’s not taking anything away from the magazine or website, but it is adding something more to just a photo of a monkey in a tree. It’s telling a small portion of a story, leaving people wanting more and in the meantime clicking ‘like’ and commenting.

7. Use The Right Hashtags

Yes, here comes the real deal, HASHTAGS. 

If something is offered in massive amounts, it is hashtags. Popular Instagram hashtags are all over the place, and you should get the advantage of them. No matter what category of hashtags you use, the popular choices will always invite people to be around. Hashtags provide the best answer to your query “How to get a lot of followers on Instagram.”

how to get more followers on instagram

Choose your category smartly and use the hashtags that correspond to the picture. You can also be creative here, especially if we know that hashtags come and go with the speed of light. However, some of them stay for longer.

Here are a few examples.

One of the most popular Instagram hashtags is #photooftheday, which describes your favorite photo in the best manner. Another right hashtag is #love, which is one of the most popular hashtags for photos that you really want to mark as the most important. One great option is also #nature, the hashtag that speaks about some great moments you spend in nature. So many hashtags are available right now, and you should use the whole potential of them. After reading this content, now have you got any idea of how to get followers on Instagram?

Let’s find out the best Hashtags Generator.

• Use A Hashtag Generator

As we have already mentioned above the HashtagsForLikes tool for generating Hashtags, now let’s dive into it for more in-depth credentials.

It is not all about popular hashtags. There is also something about the right tools. If you use excellent hashtags generator, you will find numerous options to play with. Some of them will bring you adequate hashtag that will actually raise the popularity of your Instagram profile.

One of these free Instagram hashtags generators is HashtagsForLikes, which is one of the most effective tools for providing smart and popular hashtag choices. The only thing you need to do is choosing the right niche and picking the best results. This hashtag generator will help you get Insta followers IMMEDIATELY. Give it a try and see the magic!


Another Way to Boost Followers

Another good way to boost followers’ amount is to buy them. This option is not always effective because you can get Insta followers who are not actually real ones. These people won’t like your profile, share your comments or follow your stories. They will be there to complete a single number of followers.

What you need are real Instagram followers who will be around for some good reasons. These followers are available to share, comment, like, and spread the word about you. This is where the real potential lies. Because Instagram followers you get here are the ones who actually care about your profile.

This is another way to get Insta followers quickly and effectively. IG followers’ app will show you the way to reach more audience and create content that really resonates to their needs. Sometimes, you only need to post a good photo to get more people. That’s easily done with the right app.

Many apps are available in the market, and you should find yourself the one that answers your needs. Each situation is different for different users. Some of you will need 1,000 of new Instagram followers, while others will require 10,000 of them to really make a difference. It all depends on your budget and actual needs.

Here are a few strategies for the proper use of hashtags.

A. Strategies for Hashtag Use

a) Crazy Popular Hashtags

How to get followers on Instagram query prompts you to find and use the most popular hashtags on Instagram. It has the same pros and cons – tons of people are searching for them. By tons, we literally mean millions. They’ll be brought up on more searches, but they will also be quickly lost in a sea of posts as the search updates. If you’re looking for general hashtags guaranteed to be popular, try using the following: #love, #instagood, #photooftheday, #happy, #cute, #beautiful, #tbt, #fashion, #me, #picoftheday, #selfie, #summer, #friends, and #instadaily. #love, for example, brings up over one billion posts and #instagood over 537 million.

how to get a lot of followers on instagram

b) Hashtags Specifically for Follows and Likes

You can go the obvious route and use hashtags such as #like4like and #follow4follow. These generally result in more likes, followers and generally widen your audience. It might not result in the most authentic engagement and following, though. For the hashtags geared towards helping you get more followers and likes on Instagram, try these out: #follow #like4like #tagsforlikes #instalike #likeforlike #follow4follow #followforfollow #l4l #f4f #followback #instafollow #likeforfollow #followher #followhim.

c) Targeted Hashtags

These hashtags focus on your Instagram niche, aiming for the hashtags your target audiences are likely to be searching for. These types of hashtags will give you a higher quality in your likes and new followers, which is generally more valuable in the long run. These, of course, depend on what your brand or niche is. A few ways to discover the best hashtags for your industry are using hashtag generators like HashtagsForLikes. Would you mind trying it at least once?

targeted hashtags

d) Suggested Targeted Hashtags

Creating a list of ‘go to’ hashtags to use is a great timesaving tool, as well as being an effective way to get more likes and followers on Instagram. Targeted hashtags help users easily navigate to the topics they are interested in. When your posts start cropping up in their searches, you will have yourself a completely new audience of potential clients simply because you used the right hashtag. Need some ideas? Popular themes on Instagram include food, fashion and travel, to name a few. Here we run through some targeted hashtags for popular Instagram themes to inspire your lists.

Hashtag Limitations

Keep in mind that Instagram enforces a limit of 30 hashtags per post, so keep them relevant and don’t waste precious space. This is likely in place to avoid searches being cluttered with irrelevant posts where people are adding in 100s of hashtags to try to gain popularity. Having said that, don’t use 30 hashtags if you don’t need them. Keep them relevant to draw in an engaged audience. And don’t forget to add hashtags to your Instagram Stories as well as regular posts. It isn’t really possible to add in as many hashtags to a Story post because it’ll look too cluttered. However, you can post several shorter Stories, each with a few relevant hashtags to get around this limitation.

Make Sure to Put in the Effort

You still need to make certain you are posting great content and engaging with those who are following you to make sure they stay around.

You have so many options to attract more Instagram followers, and you should use them all. Getting in the game is easy, but staying in the game is a little bit challenging. You must be aware that all the people on Instagram want more followers, and they all have the same chances. Why not be the best in the game while getting new Instagram followers? Use all the mentioned methods and watch your Instagram profile reach a new level of success.

If you want to find the most popular hashtags, it is best to use a service like HashtagsForLikes. This tool is super accurate in finding the best hashtags, so you can use them with great confidence. A great number of people are in love with it as they use the most amazing tool for their growth. Ultimately, this is how you get more followers on Instagram.