People use Instagram for different reasons – some to share footage of their latest adventures, others to share photos of their dogs with the aim of engaging with the animal-loving community, and others could be sharing images of their DIY projects to attract potential buyers.

Whatever the use, everyone wants the same result, to attract ‘likes’.

While buying likes is an option, it can be inorganic and doesn’t have the same effect on building your Instagram community as genuine likes.

As well as regular (and more preferred, organic growth) methods to get free likes, such as user engagement, there is a whole world of ways to get free Instagram likes.

When you first start out building your Instagram profile it can be daunting and a little disheartening when you don’t have a huge amount of engagement with your posts.

A great way to kickstart your place in the world of Instagram is to use a free service to get likes or even exchange likes with others.

Being able to focus on users with similar interests to yours is of great value when building an audience base.

Once you have developed an initial base, be sure to use more long-term methods to create organic growth and get real followers.

While these free likes and followers are great to start off your account, they are not going to help grow your account in the long run.

Below are a few services to help you start out and get free Instagram likes. review

Similar to the use of the hashtag #Like4Like, this website operates the same way but without you having to do the work.

It helps you exchange likes with other Instagram users without you having to log in to Instagram and like them yourself.

As it’s an exchange, all of the likes you give and receive are from real people rather than fake accounts.

Firstly, you’ll allow the website to use your account to like other users photos and videos, and once you’ve given enough likes, you can ‘withdraw’ the likes you’ve collected and choose which post or posts to use the likes on.

SocialProof review

This website is currently experimenting with giving away free Instagram likes before it expands its service.

This option isn’t a like exchange as it doesn’t require your account to like any posts; you just have to specify which post you want extra likes for and verify your email address.

GetLikesFree review

This website not only offers free Instagram likes but they are targeted likes.

Once you define the hashtags you want to website to search for, they will like posts relevant to your niche.

Users always check their notifications to see who’s liked their posts, once you’ve liked them and they see your account is in line with theirs, there are likely to like you back.

Stormlikes review

Offering features like country and gender filters, this service allows you to really target likes from the users who matter to you.

Other options are matching video views to the number of likes, so the likes don’t exceed views and throw up red flags; choosing how many likes each post gets; speed of likes; and automatic detection of your new posts.

The site offers a free trial, so after that is up, you’ll have to pay for the service.

Instaliker review

Instaliker also uses technology to target likes relevant to your niche, recognizing that not all likes are created equally.

If you’re new to Instagram this is a great way to build up a relevant customer base, once you have the likes and then the followers, you’ll already be connecting with your ideal target audience. review

This website not only offers a like exchange but also a follower and comment exchange.

Aimed at helping you kickstart an organic relationship with users, it enables you to choose who you want to like (follow or comment on) and isn’t automated by a bot.

SSM Square review

SSM Square helps you get up to 5,000 free likes per Instagram post (with a daily limit of 150,000 likes).

The free option doesn’t get you this many likes, but it gives you an idea of what you can achieve using this service.


Using #Spam4Spam in your captions is one step up from the basic #like4like because it’s asking users to go through your profile and like 10-30 of your posts.

If you see that someone has liked over three of your posts in a row, and you’ve used this hashtag, it’s expected you’ll go into their profile and like 10-30 of their posts.

This is basically a human version of the services mentioned above but is a lot quicker than the usual #like4like method.

After using these services to get free Instagram likes, it’s important to sustain your newfound popularity by continuing to post meaningful content and engaging with your new followers.

Once you have a base using the free like services, you can grow your Instagram audience organically by using relevant hashtags to attract people with similar interests.

The great thing about some of these free services is that they allow you to filter who you are exchanging likes with, and which accounts you want to engage with.

Even if done automatically, the initial connection made is still a positive and relevant one.

From then on, it’s your job to maintain these relationships and watch your Instagram account flourish.