It’s easy to explain the benefits and importance of time-consuming methods to getting more followers on Instagram.

I’m talking about laboriously replying to comments, adding insightful comments on other users’ posts and sending out personal direct messages to potential new followers.

But what are some ways to get more followers on Instagram using growth hacks? We mean quick ‘hacks’, not long-term and time-consuming strategies.

1. Cross-promote your Instagram account

This is a fabulous growth hack because it requires a seriously minimal effort but reaps a big reward.

Part of the battle of getting more followers is merely helping people find you.

If you’ve already built a fanbase on other social networks, let them all know about your Instagram account by sharing a link or even offering discounts on your products or services for the first 100 new followers.

Another route to take with this is to share your best Instagram posts to your other social accounts as you post them, and even add in some official paid ads to boost your reach further.

You can do this automatically if your accounts are linked, so it’s literally just clicking a button when you post to Instagram and the content spreads across all your accounts.

2. Add your Instagram to everything

Taking it a step further than just social media accounts, have links to your Instagram account on your website, in online newsletters and in your email signature.

Basically, ensure everyone you know, or who knows your blog, website or brand, knows how to find your Instagram page.

Embed your Instagram content in your blog posts in case anyone finds your blog using a google search, this way they’ll also find your Instagram account.

Old-fashioned communications like business cards or store and event signs should feature your username and any branded hashtags so any clients can find you and tag you on Instagram.

3. Tag other users

Whenever you’re creating a post at a certain location, or if you’re with other people or brands, just add in a tag.

You’ll be writing a caption anyway (or you should be…) and by the simple act of adding in an actual user and location tag, or branded hashtag if you’re at an event instead of just writing the words without the tag, your post immediately becomes more visible.

Users receive notifications when they’re tagged, encouraging them to engage with it and share it.

4. Run a takeover

Organizing someone to take over your account is a great way to boost your followers and also give you the day off.

If you know any Influencers in your niche, ask them.

If not, a colleague or someone else in your field will be just fine as well.

This is a fun way to reignite interest in your account as well as attracting new followers.

It mixes up your account slightly, which keeps it feeling fresh and interesting.

This is an especially great growth hack because it requires less work than usual because someone else is posting for you!

5. Unfollow unfollowers

Download an app to sweep through the list of people you follow in order to unfollow them if they don’t follow you back.

This keeps your following list low, which looks better for you. It is also important to get rid of Instagram auto followers who are just using a service to follow and unfollow.

The fewer people you follow, the more authentic you seem and the more people are likely to follow you.

Hopefully these quick growth hacks will help you get more followers on Instagram with minimal effort.

Keep up the regular work on Instagram by posting great content regularly, and engaging with your audience, and these quick hacks should help you on your way to expanding your account even further.

6. Use relevant Hashtags

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