Let’s break down why real Instagram likes are better than fakes.

1. Fake likes violate Instagram’s Terms of Service
2. Fake likes equate to fake engagement
3. You risk brand discovering your engagement isn’t authentic
4. Fake likes can easily be detected by brands and Influencers
5. Real likes help you build your brand long-term

These are the main points, and it boils down to that fake likes on Instagram won’t help you build your brand in the long-term.

The possibility of other users and brands finding out you’re doing this can tarnish your reputation and relationships.

Fake Engagement

The single biggest way to become successful on Instagram is to have lots of users engaging with your posts.

The effects of this are that your posts get bumped up on your followers’ feeds because they are deemed ‘interesting’ as people are engaging with them, and your posts will also start to appear on your followers’ followers’ Explore pages.

So as a result, the visibility of your account can be huge if you’re receiving high engagement.

The effects of this aren’t quite as impressive if you’re buying fake likes.

For example, your post will appear on the Explore pages of these fake accounts followers (also likely to be fake).

This doesn’t achieve anything because no one is actually looking at the Explore pages on these accounts because they are inactive or fake.

It could potentially help your posts be bumped up on your existing followers’ feeds, but that’s as far as the reach goes.

Addiction To Likes

Once you start buying fake likes on Instagram it can be hard to stop.

The issue is that once you stop buying them, you somehow have to bridge the gap so there isn’t suddenly a huge drop in your engagement levels.

You have to have achieved such a big increase to match the ones you’ve been buying, or else it’ll be detrimental to your success on Instagram.

If you build up your engagement levels authentically instead, you won’t have this issue.

It might be slower to start with but the end game is more successful.

Lawful Risk

Instagram strives to keep itself as a community used by real people to share moments in their life.

Fake likes, and indeed any fake activity, is frowned upon by Instagram and as such it strives to eliminate this activity.

It’s written into their Terms of Service and Community Guidelines that getting fake likes is not acceptable.

Any channels or users Instagram deems to be spam or fake, they are within their rights to freeze or delete your account.

They can also simply stop your posts appearing on places like the Explore pages.

An End Of Partnerships

When brands look for Instagram users to endorse their products, they look at the number of followers and engagement levels.

It’s pretty easy for them to pick out accounts who have fake engagement, and this will tarnish your reputation.

Brands will be less likely to want to partner with you not only because their reach won’t be as big if your engagement is party fake, but because they will deem you untrustworthy.

There is also the issue of buying fake likes and then stopping but not having enough real likes to fill the gap.

This is a clear sign to brands when they look at your engagement history, that you’ve bought likes in the past.

Even though you’ve since stopped, they still might see you as inauthentic and someone who’s willing to take shortcuts instead of working hard.

Fake likes can seem like a good short-term solution but they can end up being destructive over time.

The difference between accounts that buy fake likes and those who have real likes are that the real accounts want to get to know their audience.

They know what their audience prefers to see and what they’re not interested in, they adapt their posts to satisfy their likes and interests.

These are the accounts that are going to thrive over time, be long-lasting and successful in their endeavors.