Adding in a poll to an Instagram Stories post can help get your followers more involved and boost engagement.

Instagram polls are a fun way for them to interact with your content, there are no strings attached if they vote and they’ll feel like their opinion matters to you.

How To Create an Instagram Poll

As polls are only available in Instagram Stories, first up you’ll need to create a post to add to Stories.

Make it relevant to the topic of your poll.

Create the post using whichever filters, doodles or stickers you wish but make sure to leave room to add in the poll.

Then tap the Sticker icon at the top of the Story screen and select the Poll option.

Type in the question you want to ask your viewers, and as it can be anything, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

The two ways to use polls in Instagram are giving options for an A or B answer, or adding in a sliding emoji scale.

The A or B responses can be anything up to 26 characters each.

If voters become really invested in the poll, they can choose to follow it so they can be updated with the latest results, this is bound to boost their engagement levels even more.

Complete your Stories post and then add it to your Stories as you would any other post.

Have push notifications enabled so you’ll be alerted when someone casts a vote. Check back before the Story disappears after its 24-hour limit to see the final results.

Instagram Poll Results

Open your Stories and swipe up to open the post analytics.

From here tap the eye icon for the post and you’ll be privy to the details for each person who viewed and what they voted for.

These poll results are only available for the 24 hours that the Story is live.

Other ways to use the results of the poll include market research for a new product.

Asking them their opinions on things provides valuable insight into what they want, information you might not be able to get without asking them directly.

Instagram Poll Ideas

When using polls on Instagram, try and make them intentional and create them with a purpose in mind. Don’t create them just because you can or feel you should.

Asking for feedback is a great way to find out what your target audience wants.

You can ask them about an existing product, potential options for a product in regards to size, color or shape, the best time of day for Live broadcasts, topics for blog posts and communication preferences (i.e. email vs. phone).

Trending topics or events on Instagram are another way to make polls with a purpose.

While it may not gain you much market insight relevant to your brand, if it’s a hot topic people are like to engage. When people are participating in your polls, they are relating to your content, and this will boost your engagement levels.

Contests are popular with brands as a way to try to boost engagement.

Adding in a poll asking which prize they should hand out drives excitement about the competition and also might increase participating in the contest.

As you can see, Instagram polls are a fun way to get your audience involved, boost engagement and gain insight into the opinions of your followers.

Keep them relevant and intentional in order to keep your followers interested and get creative with those questions!