If you’ve created a successful business and have knowledge that could help people build their own business, or help an existing business thrive, becoming a business Influencer could be the niche for you.

Anyone who isn’t as successful as you will be interested in following you, you just need to find these people in order to grow your account.

Find Your Identity

Figure out what you have had real success with and focus on that.

Whether it’s a formula you use for getting traffic on Pinterest or you’ve turned your rural farm into a booming business, focus on it and stay on track.

Competitor Goals

It’s always good to know who your competitors are.

On Instagram the main competitors in the business and world of entrepreneurs are:

@skillshare @creativelive @entrepreneur @risingtidesociety @dabble.co @thesharkdaymond @jasminestar @honeybook @grantcardone @msrachelhollis @girlboss @brit @jennakutcher @business_dotcom @garyvee

Use these accounts to build your own followers.

They’ll have the same target audience as yours, so take a look at what types of posts they are successful with and try that style out yourself.

Interact with their posts but make the interactions meaningful.

This behavior will help you to become a part of this niche community of Instagram and grow your followers.

High-quality Content

A hugely important factor is going your followers on Instagram is to post content that people want to see.

Keep in mind your ultimate goal, such as directing traffic to your latest podcast, but do it in a matter that keeps your Instagram feed attractive, relevant and interesting.

This is how you’re going to attract followers initially, so it’s got to be enticing.

Once you’ve grabbed their attention, make sure they have the opportunity to be directed where you want them to go, but don’t make it seem forced.

Calls to action in your Stories or adding links into bios are great tools for this.

Hashtags Mean Business

Use of hashtags is important no matter what type of account you have.

They mean people who aren’t following you will be able to see your post if they search for that hashtag, opening up your account to a whole hoard of potential followers.

General Entrepreneur/Business

These popular hashtags aren’t always the best choice because it means your post will come up, but so will potentially over a million others.

They are good additions to your posts if used in conjunction with more specific hashtags.

#entrepreneur #business #entrepreneurship #wontstop #midnset #hustle #success #freedom #businessowner #onlinebusiness #coaching #ambition #inspire #thinkbig #startup #hardwork #beyourownboss #internetbusiness #growthmindset

Creative Business

Suitable for those who have a business involving a creative skill, like designers, bloggers or coaches.

#creativebusiness #creativebiz #mycreativebiz #mycreativecommunity #creativehappylife #creativenetrepreneur #createyourhappy #wearethecreaiveeconomy #communityovercompetition #creativepreneur

Women in Business

There is a strong community of women in business on Instagram, and as a result, there are a ton of suitable hashtags to go along with this niche within a niche.

#womeninbiz #womenwhowork #girlbosslife #hersuccess #femaleentrepreneur #femalebusinessowner #beyourownboss #bosswomen #creativechics #shemeansbusiness #womenintheworld #femalebusinessowner

There are many ways to grow your following on Instagram, these are the main methods for building an authentic list of followers who will be loyal and continue to engage with your content.

Interact meaningful in your niche community, post great content and use relevant and interesting hashtags, and your social media presence will continue to grow.