Millennials, the generation born between 1981 and 1996, make up about 60% of the active users of Instagram. Even if your audience isn’t strictly this age group it could be worth your while trying to attract some of them anyway, considering one of their defining characteristics is that they are the first generation who don’t know adult life without technology, so they are more likely to use social media than any other generation. Get more followers, especially millennials, with these easy hacks.

Why do I want millennials as followers?

Perhaps you sell a product that appeals to an older generation, anti-aging face cream for example, or offer deals on cruise ship vacations. Why would you want to try and get millennials to follow you? Whatever your goal is on Instagram, be aware that at least 136 million millennials use Instagram daily, and represent about $200 billion in buying power. Other generations might not be as active on social media and might not have as much money to burn. It’s definitely worth trying to attract some millennial followers and see where it takes your brand.

Here are six hacks to get more Millennial followers on Instagram.

#1 Experience

Tell a narrative. Millennials are known for choosing experiences over material possessions. They tend to follow accounts on Instagram who add posts that are inspiring, beautiful, creative or amusing.

With this in mind, use Instagram to tell the story behind your product or brand and give insights that wouldn’t necessarily appear in a wide-spread marketing campaign. Posts could include photos or videos that share the production process of your products or campaigns, give background information on employees or speakers if you’re hosting a special event, or narratives about the creation of your products and/or brand.

#2 Announcements

Posting brand announcements on Instagram is a great way to attract millennials followers.

If they know you post pertinent information on the account, they not only favor it but will follow you and tune in to stay updated. It could be a new product unveiling, a new single dropping, concert dates, keynote speakers, ad campaign stars or Instagram takeover reveals.

#3 Access and Transparency

Before technology, we didn’t really know much about our favorite celebrities or the people behind the brands we love. In the age of millennials, it’s become important to them to know people and be given all of the information.

People are being held accountable for their actions – companies aren’t keeping everything locked behind closed doors. Celebrities are running their own Instagram accounts and gathering more followers you’d think would be humanly possible, simply by being transparent and accessible.

Ways to achieve this would be to share snippets of your everyday life, so they can get to know the person behind the account; you could ask them questions of what content they’d like to see or which products they think are better; and you could host Q&As.

#4 Be Inspiring

There was a time where we had to keep it real, but the millennials have shifted this so we have to be ourselves but use this to be an inspiration to others. They show that even though cyberbullying can be a real issue among the younger generation, it can also be flipped and you can use social media to be inspirational and lift each other up. With this in mind, make sure your comments are always positive and give credit to accomplishments, and that your posts are positive and where appropriate, inspirational.

#5 Trending Hashtags

Millennials love being up to date with the current trend. You can bet that the majority of users adding the hashtag #pumpkinspicelatte in November are millennials. By adding these trending and seasonal hashtags to your posts, you’re automatically getting your posts into the searches they are using or following.

#6 Interactive Content

Millennials really buy into contests and promotions on Instagram. Run competitions where they have to follow you to enter, and your number of followers will skyrocket. With an incentive to follow you, they generally jump on this, so it could be a chance to win something or even be featured on your account.

This could also have a snowball effect, because the more followers you get, the more likely more millennials will follow, because they like to be doing what their friends are doing. If one is following you, it’s likely the whole group will.

These six hacks should help you tap into the millennial marketplace. Remember to be positive and inspiring and tell a story with your posts. Being deemed authentic is ranked as highly important to millennials. They also respond well to call to action posts, so remember to add these in wherever possible to boost your engagement.

Engage Millennials With These Hacks
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Engage Millennials With These Hacks
Millennials make up a large portion of the active users of Instagram, and so even if your audience isn’t strictly this age group it could be worth your while trying to attract some of them. Here are five hacks to get more Millennial followers on Instagram.
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