You must be sure about your Instagram content, which is excellent and outstanding. However, think of the 10,000 people who are also agreed with your content quality. Do you have such a handsome amount of followers on your Instagram account?

Most probably, the answer would be “NO.” If yes, then it will definitely be fake followers.

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It does not matter what your purpose is, whether you are trying to become a social media icon or just wanted to boost up your business on Instagram, it must be tempting to pay for your first few thousands of followers.

However, don’t give in. Such type of ads promoting to buy Instagram followers is not trustworthy at all. It can harm your reputation on the Instagram platform. Let’s figure out a couple of reasons why you should not buy Instagram followers.

Should You Buy Instagram Followers?

Definitely, it is a bad idea to buy Instagram followers. These followers are likely bots or inactive accounts, so they will not engage with your posts. It means that your posts will not show up on Explore Pages, or on the newsfeed of your real audience. It also makes it hard to measure metrics.

Two main reasons why you should not buy Instagram followers are:

· Instagram Bots are Not Human

It may seem enticing to buy Instagram followers and let the bots comment, like posts and follow Instagrammers automatically in your niche. If you are using an Instagram bot, it may give you an impression that you will have lots of followers and comments, usually within hours or days.

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The main problem with Instagram bots is that they are not real. They are robots. By using bots, you will not grow your followers organically with people who are interested genuinely in your service or product. Most of the Instagram users are wise enough, as they understand any activity shown by the bots on your account. They will not follow your account when they see a one-word comment on their posts. By the way, if users realize that you are using a bot, then they might react negatively towards your brand and warn other users as well.

Undoubtedly, Instagram itself has shut down a considerable number of third party automation tools and apps for breaking their Community Guidelines and Terms of Use. So, think as much as you can before connecting with any bot service as it could put your account at risk. Besides, one-word comments, bots also leave comments that don’t make any sense. Sometimes it can be blatant insensitive such as “Great,” “So Cool!” on a tragic post. Bots are not familiar with the context of the conversation. Bots simply post comments on the basis of hashtags. 

avoid bots

· Buying Instagram Followers is a Big Scam

Beefing up the number of followers can be appealing with buying Instagram followers, particularly when you see how cheap it is to buy followers. Some sites claim to provide 100 followers for just $3. Isn’t it cheap? Sure, it is cheap in cost as well as value.

Well, at first, if you buy Instagram followers, you are going against the Terms of Use policy of Instagram. Fake followers are detected and deleted by Instagram, so it is apparent that you will eventually end up losing your paid followers along with your Instagram account reputation.

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When you buy Instagram followers, you have to pay for it; however, the engagement is not guaranteed.

Other than these above-mentioned significant reasons, there are lots of different reasons exist.

1. Fake Instagram Followers Don’t Join Your Account

Don’t even think that you can get genuine engagement with your purchased Instagram followers. Most often, they are not real human beings, purely fake bot accounts. Someone who interprets himself/herself as an influencer would never compromise on the engagement level of the account. When a brand chooses to work with an influencer, it will investigate the validity of the influencer before finalizing to work with it. You have to influence the attitude of your followers if you want to be known as an influencer. Still, if your followers don’t get engage with you, it means that you are not influencing them in any way.

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Likewise, when you operate a brand’s account, you most probably have some experience of little use for followers that never engage with your posts. However, at least you want your followers to visit your posts, even without liking or sharing them. Bought followers will never look at your posts. Blank profiles and missing profile picture are the most general signs of fake accounts. On the other hand, you will not find any visible sign of interaction on their account. 

Definitely, it is not always that simple. The users of fake accounts often believe in the law of reciprocity. Mostly people follow someone who follows them in return, and bogus accounts usually follow thousands of accounts.

2. Mismatched Engagement as Compared to Genuine Accounts

Typically, it is not difficult to find accounts that have less engagement than general accounts. Genuine Instagram accounts follow relatively similar engagement patterns. In an analysis of 2 million influencers, it was observed that Instagram influencers with:

  • < 1,000 followers equate about 8% engagement
  • 1,000 – 10,000 followers equate 4% engagement
  • 10,000 – 100,000 followers equate 2.4% engagement
  • > 1 million followers equate 1.7% engagement
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Though these numbers are just estimated, you need to look deeply at any accounts that have an engagement level that differs from these averages by a substantial margin. It involves cases in which the engagement level is too high. A couple of Instagrammers and bloggers have mutual groups where they tend to comment on and share posts of each other. Well, this is not a bad practice at all as compared to false accounts made by bots. For genuine engagement, fake bot accounts are never promoted.

Likewise, if you buy likes, followers, or comments, it can derive statistics of your engagement outside a tolerable range, and make your account look questionable. Even by comparing the ratio of likes to comments on the photos that someone shares, you can simply detect fake engagement. When on a series of posts, you see few comments and more likes then it is more likely that the user has bought likes.

3. Inappropriate Bot Comments on Posts

However, bots also comment on your posts, but they will totally be in another language. Most of the time, you would not have any idea about what they say, unless you use Google Translate or any other tool. These comments might seem as some ads for sex toys or some fanatic political groups. Making general comments on posts is one typical approach with bot accounts. Most of the time, you might not be able to know whether a comment is fake or genuine. Sometimes, these general comments are extremely inappropriate to the post, such as on your sad post, a fake follower might be commenting as a “nice post” or “Great”.

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4. Bought Followers Bring Spam with Them

When you buy Instagram followers that might be entirely fake and can be a reason to bring spam on your account. Not only your Instagram account but if you have added or provided your email address while buying these fake followers, then spamming is confirmed. Now, these spammers have direct access to your accounts and followers to deliver your spam too. It is possible that some of your followers will start following them because they admire you and see you are also following. However, when they find the quality of these accounts, you will definitely lose your real followers as well.

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5. Instagram Detects and Shuts Down the Fake Followers

Instagram always provides a great user experience to all of its members. That’s why it is a little bit difficult to find and delete false accounts. Instagram makes usual removes, searching for fake accounts. They have enough experience of finding fake accounts and know all the signs to look out for. Perhaps, you don’t think that you have paid much to buy your followers, but it will nevertheless be too much if these followers vanish soon after you buy them.  

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6. Violation of Instagram’s Terms of Use Policy

Instagram continuously discourages people from buying followers. Not only your followers will be detected and deleted, but Instagram also has the right to suspend your account that is involved in this practice. The credibility of your account will be profoundly affected if you are suspended for linking in crooked practices. For the first time, Instagram will warn you for the unethical activities, but for the second time, it will take action.

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7. Ruins your Credibility as an Influencer

A real influencer builds his/her following naturally. Obviously, it will take time, but if you prefer shortcuts, then you can lose all of your credibility. Indeed, it is highly risky for your account. Genuine accounts definitely have more clear engagement ways than buying fake followers. People will not accept you as an influencer if they found a single clue of your unfair activities. Brands that Instagram accounts run also get ruined if it happens. If people detect your account involve in any unapproved approach, they will start questioning your worth as a brand. They will assume that you are dishonest in your business practices as well.

ruins credibility of influencers - buy instagram followers

8. Earning Money with Fake Followers is not Possible

Eventually, you require asking yourself why even you want to buy Instagram followers. Followers you buy, whether fake or real, will never be going to consider your product. They will not even refer people to you.

If you think you can be an influencer, brands will choose not to work with you if you buy Instagram followers. It is just because they can easily be spotted. Brands never select Influencers based on their number of followers alone, though there are more factors to be considered. Lots of tools are there to help brands. Fake followers will never ever visit your brand site to buy your product, so why waste money on buying this trash.

earning money with fake followers is  not possible

Alternatives to buying Instagram followers

New algorithm of Instagram prefers engagement rather than the follower count, displaying content similar to the posts engaged with users within the past. To drive more engagement, many different tactics are available that you can try on the platform to get in front of your ideal audience. Whether you are making your personal brand or a company account, you can reach nearly 800 million Instagram users per month and build an organic audience.

1. Use of Hashtags

Above all, HASHTAGS are the main gist of growing Instagram account rapidly. The best alternative to buying Instagram followers is using the proper hashtags with your posts. Try to do research on which hashtags create a lot of buzz and which are best fitted with your brand. Hashtags are a great way to reach new audiences if done correctly. If you are too busy to find hashtags for your posts, or you are not familiar with the right hashtags related to your niche, don’t worry. HashtagsForLikes is the best bet for you in this regard.

Hashtag usage

2. Make Your Account Public

At first, you have to make your account public so that users can easily approach your profile and content. In this way, you can boost your audience organically when your content pops up on the explore pages of user. Next upload a wide range of posts to your feed, for instance, you can post images, GIFs, videos, Boomerangs, quizzes on your story, how-tos, user-generated content, and lots more. Use high-quality photos, write catchy captions, post consistently, and keep up a unique style overall to differentiate yourself from other accounts.

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3. Use of Other Channels

Other than that, try utilizing the many distinctive channels on the platform, such as Instagram Live, IGTV, Instagram Stories, or Shopping on Instagram. Plenty of ways are available to connect with users, and by driving engagement with these features. In this way, you can drive engagement and traffic organically and authentically.

use of other services

The platform HashtagsForLikes can help you according to your niche and brand personality. Don’t fret, you can grow engagement on your account with a great platform like HashtagsForLikes.