There are so many growth hacks you can use for building up your followers on Instagram, but using ones that target your audience are the most effective in the long-term.

Keeping all your tactics revolving around the relevant demographics, hashtags and Influencers will help you get noticed by the users you want to notice you.

It’s not about getting anyone to follow you, but about getting the right people to follow you.

They will be more likely to engage with your content, bring in more followers and stick around than people who aren’t in your target demographic.

In our guide, we discuss five of the best growth hacks to get more followers on Instagram.

1. Go on a spree

Not a shopping spree, but a liking and commenting spree.

If you want a quick boost in your number of Instagram followers go on a commenting and liking spree.

Simply search for a hashtag relevant to your niche and like and comment on as many of those posts as you can handle.

This will almost certainly result in a bump in followers.

2. Use Influencers’ followers’ list

Piggyback right off someone else’s lists of followers.

Search for a hashtag in your niche and pick one of the top posts.

Click through to the user, and again to their followers.

Then scroll down clicking follow on every single user.

The idea behind this is that they’ll likely be a similar account to your own and follow you back.

You’ll be adding and gaining targeted users without the hard work.

3. Regrams

If anyone regrams your posts, pay attention to it.

It’s basic Instagram etiquette to give credit to the original, so you’ll know if it happens.

Check out the regram and see who has liked and commented on it.

Interacting with the comments could lead to conversations and budding relationships with new fans/clients/followers.

4. Tag relevant big brands

If you’re a fitness instructor, try tagging relevant big fitness brands on some of your posts and see if they comment or regram your posts.

Things like work-out videos are great for this type of thing.

Or beauty tutorials featuring a certain brands’ products etc… It could also lead to partnerships in the future, which usually leads to even more followers.

5. Search for highly engaged users

Check out posts from your competitors and compile a list of the users that engage the most.

Then try tagging a few of them on your posts and see if they engage with your posts, and hopefully start up a relationship with them.

These five growth hacks will help you get noticed by other relevant users on Instagram, giving you quick ways to attract followers who will be interested in your account.

It’s important to have followers who are interested in your content because this makes it more likely they’ll stick around.

If you have followers who only followed you because you followed them, or because they want you to follow them back, they are likely to be short-term and your follower growth will go up and down in waves instead of on a steady incline.