2018 has been a great year for technology, it was the year of rise of the Instagram automation! Now that we are deep into 2019, let’s look at what is available to us in terms of Instagram bot’s.

Last year we saw Instagram take down some of the largest Instagram bots like Instagress alternative, Archie & Massplanner. With the closure of these bots, some more legitimate services came out! The industry hasn’t really been trusted in terms of ‘followers’ as there are many providers who simply sell fake followers & engagements, or provide an Instagram Bot

It’s crucial that you are on Social Media these days, and Instagram seem’s to be the most ROI positive platform to be on!

If we can automate tasks and let an Instagram growth service or bots grow our account as long as it’s helping us grow with genuine real followers, then I believe it’s a worthwhile investment to help us grow our Instagram. Accounts. I discovered many influencers and brands we’re using Instagram automation to automate their engagement to attract more real traffic to their profiles.

I’ve researched and spent thousands testing out the most popular Instagram bots available. Below are my top 5 recommendations, these bots have a great reputation online, and some of them offer risk free trials.

The services below will help you grow your Instagram with real, targeted Instagram followers. This will help you attract more exposure to your Instagram profile, you will notice not only a follower increase, but your Instagram likes, views and more will also grow. These are the most powerful Instagram bots:

I have tested almost every service out there and below are my findings on the top 5 providers.
Service Rating URL
Social Steeze ★★★★★ Visit
Likesocial ★★★★★ Visit
Rise Social ★★★★★ Visit
Social10x ★★★★☆ Visit
Followadder ★★★★☆ Visit

1). Social Steeze – Service that helps you grow real Instagram followers & engagement

SocialSteeze is my top pic for Instagram providers who genuinely grow your Instagram account with the highest quality, my experience when trying all services.

These guys really stood out. As soon as I signed up I was able to setup my account, with pre-set targeting information or I could add my own custom targeting information. After sign up & my account was running SocialSteeze support staff continued to reach out to me & helping me optimize my account.

The best thing was that I was only expecting to grow Instagram followers, but they really helped increase my engagement too. My Instagram Likes, Views & comments all increased within ratio of my followers. My account was growing around 500 followers per week (These we’re all active real people!)

SocialSteeze also have positive reviews on IGReviews.

SocialSteeze - Get Real Instagram Followers

Visit WebsiteMy rating: 5/5 Stars.

2). Likesocial.co – Instagram Like service that focuses on Engagement.

These guys we’re awesome, they don’t offer a follower growth, however they focus on engagement rather than followers, which is different because most services out there all focus on follower count. Likesocial are experts at increasing your engagement (Instagram Views & Instagram Likes).

If these guys done followers they would get a 5/5 stars, but because they don’t do followers.

Likesocial also have positive reviews on IGReviews.

Likesocial - Buy Automatic Instagram Likes

Visit WebsiteMy rating: 5/5 Stars.

3). Social10x – Instant Instagram Followers

I found the website layout was very user friendly, and I had no problems ordering followers for my account, these are instant followers however, and not a prescribed growth. They also have other options like Instagram likes for all of your posts.

Social10x have great reviews on IGReviews.

Social10x - Targeted Instagram Followers

Visit WebsiteMy rating: 4/5 Stars.

4). Rise Social – Boost Instagram Followers, Instagram bot.

Rise Social is a good Instagram bot, they setup your instagram account for you, when you sign up you get assigned a case manager where they manage everything for you, if you can afford this, it’s a monthly payment plan, it’s worth it.

Rise Social focus on everything, they help grow your following, and help your uploads get seen on the explore page, this helps your engagement grow with your Instagram followers.

Rise Social - Boost Instagram Followers

Visit WebsiteMy rating: 5/5 Stars.

5). Followadder – Instagram automation, and growth tool.

This bot is good, but they require you to download software to your computer, and run your own proxies, for someone new to this it’s very difficult to setup, that is why I only recommend this tool to experienced users, however this does give you a lot more control over how your Instagram account is targeting.

Followadder is an Instagram bot, automation and growth tool, they also offer the ability to schedule your Instagram uploads.

Followadder - Instagram automation, and growth tool.

Visit WebsiteMy rating: 4/5 Stars.

In conclusion & final thoughts:


If you want to stay ahead and stand out that you take advantage of Instagram bots, and automate your Instagram growth. This will simply allow you to focus on higher value stuff, that will add to your growth. Creating unique content is becoming harder so be unique, stand out and let the bot’s promote your page! Success to your Instagram Growth Hacking!

During this day and age I believe if we can simplify tasks that we can allow automation to take control to help us get ahead then we should take full advantage, these awesome Instagram bots are at our finger tips, utilize them while you can to grow your fanbase, drive sales or grow a community of followers on Instagram. With the uprise in Social Media it’s a very profitable channel to be on, and many influencers are quitting their jobs to be a full-time influencer on Social Media not limited to Instagram. Another great article on the best Instagram automation tools you can read.

Why use an Instagram bot?

Using an instagram bot will allow you to target your target audience and engage automatically with users that are most likely to follow you. Let this run 24-7 will create a lot of hype and noise for your account, this will drive thousands of users back to your account, and potentially these people will follow or like your uploads!

This is far better than buying one-off fake Instagram followers or likes, this offers more value to your account as its real users, and this is the most effective way to grow your fan base on autopilot with real users.

I recently helped write an article about how to get instagram followers article on hashtagsforlikes I recommend giving this a read, using one of these growth services and following the basic fundamentals to growing an Instagram account, you will see great growth results.