Yoga isn’t just for super healthy, skinny, flexible people who only consume green juice, it’s for such a broad range of people that it makes it a great niche to use on Instagram.

Yoga is used by people of all sizes, ages, religion, and genders, who need to reduce stress levels, increase physical activity, find calming or mindful practices or coping mechanisms, or lower the risk of illness.

Following other yoga accounts when your own Instagram account focuses on yoga, fitness or general well-being can help boost your own number of followers.

Following similar accounts help you get more involved with the audience you are trying to attract to your account, leading to long-lasting, highly-engaged followers.

Big Gal Yoga

Valerie Segun uses her account to promote body positivity and demonstrate that every type of body can be a yoga body.

She shows that even challenging yoga positions can be mastered by different body types, and encourages people to get out of their comfort zone and try something more challenging.

This is a good account to follow not only if you’re a yogi, but also if your Instagram account has a big focus on body positivity.

The Instagram users following this account will be a mix of those interested in yoga, becoming fit and overcoming body issues.

It’s a great place to interact with these people and form new connections.

Boys of Yoga

This page aims to show that yoga is for men too, and that practicing yoga doesn’t make you less of a man but more of a man.

It features photos of men practicing yoga all over the world.

This makes it a great account to potentially be featured on, so make sure you follow it and then if you post a photo of men or boys doing yoga, tag them and see if you’re featured!

Kids Yoga Day

If you thought yoga was such a quiet and serene activity that it wasn’t for kids, think again! When children practice yoga, it helps them build valuable skills and coping mechanisms for the troubles they face in their little lives, such as learning self-control and ways to calm down when they feel themselves getting unreasonably upset or angry.

It’s becoming so popular, some schools even incorporate into their day.

This is a fantastic account to follow if you’re within the yoga niche, but also the parenting niche.

Some of the posts feature suggested positions for kids to try out, so why not post a photo of your kids trying it and tag @kidsyogaday in the hopes of being featured and reaching their 2,000 followers.

Since it’s a smaller account, you’ll have more chance of your photo being reposted.

Colleen Saidman Yee

This yogi Influencer teamed up with designer Donna Karan to create Urban Zen’s Integrative Yoga Therapist Program, which is a wonderful initiative bringing yoga as well as other Eastern healing techniques to patients in hospitals throughout the United States.

Definitely an inspirational account to follow, it’ll give you all sorts of ideas to how you can transform your love of yoga into both your work and pleasure.

She also has her own book and yoga studio, naturally.

Katherine Budig

Katherine’s account is a great example of combining two niches together.

She focuses on yoga and food, and writes about both in various publications such as MindBodyGreen, Women’s Health Magazine and Yoga Journal.

She throws in a third niche, cute animals, when mentioning the work she does for her non-profit, Poses for Paws.

An organization that raises money for animal shelters through yoga.

Her yoga account is a little different than average because it’s more likely you’ll see a snap of her doing the splits in front of the Eiffel Tower than downward dog in the studio.

Almost a quarter of a million followers seem to think her posts are worth viewing, so she might give you some good tips on what makes a good Instagram post.

Hopefully, these suggestions on accounts to follow on Instagram will help you grow your own accounts.

Remember once following them, interact meaningfully with their posts and the other users.

The best way to get more followers organically is to form real connections with people interested in the same things as you and your account.