If you are interested in starting up a fashion account on Instagram or already have one, running a street style or outfit of the day type account is the easiest way to break into the fashion industry.

To get started, it’s a good idea to start following accounts similar to your own.

This will help you meet people who might be interested in your content and also give you content ideas.

Here are some of the best street style accounts to follow on Instagram.

Michelle Take Aim

Closing in on half a million followers, this Los Angeles based fashion Influencer who also mixes in a bit of travel with her posts because fashion and travel often go hand in hand.

A lot of her travels are to fashion weeks, so she’s always on top of industry goings on.

She remains attainable and relatable by posting photos of her outfits while riding in ubers to fashion shows, keeping it real for her audience.

Valentina Steinhart

Her Insta feed has a monochrome vibe, and her 183,000 followers appreciate her clean and tidy approach to street style.

The Austrian-based Influencer snaps her pics mainly around Salzberg and Vienna, featuring the glamorous Eastern European backdrop, mixed in with a few cafe shots.

She also travels to warmer climes, and features her beach and pool outfits and enjoys leisure time rather than jetting off to fashion weeks.

It’s interesting to note how both these travel ideas work on Instagram, travel for fashion and travel for leisure.

The House of Sequins

A fashion Influencer who is addicted to Diet Coke and donuts.

Immediately her profile packs a punch – you don’t find many fashionistas addicted to donuts! She features a lot of ‘shop this look’, with a whole outfit featured and info on where to buy it through her.

She’ll often mention in the caption elements of her outfits, if it isn’t a ‘shop this look’ post, and where to buy them with a discount code.

She poses usually somewhere with a white backdrop, or at places like Target, McDonald’s or pumping gas, which gives her account a certain ‘real’ edge and makes her stand apart from other fashion accounts.

Alex Stedman

Alex runs an account called The Frugality where she aims to re-create high fashion trends on a budget.

She also features her daughter, sometimes in adorable matching ensembles, and posts about the struggles of working and raising a baby.

Instead of bombarding followers with buying details in her captions, her profile directs people to her Instagram shops.

This way, it feels less like a spammy money making machine and more personal.

Roses N Mimosas

Michela Kotob posts her outfits out and about in Boston but also when she travels, for example, bikini photos up a mountain in Utah give her an edge.

Her posts are very simple and she doesn’t add much to the captions, leaving the photos to speak for themselves.

She links back to her website in her profile, which features more details on her collaborations with Lianna Paris, MeditationRings and Daniel Wellington.

After following these five accounts, and any others that seem similar to you, try and interact with other users and see if you can form a connection with them.

After interacting with them, they may well be intrigued by you and head over to your profile.

Ensure that your profile page is looking as good as can be in order to get people to click that follow button!