Following accounts similar to your own, in terms of content area, can boost the number of followers on Instagram.

It does this in a few ways, by clicking follow to someone’s account, they are automatically notified and many will click follow back straight away.

You can also engage with their posts, boosting your own visibility.

Once you are following someone, you can tag them in your posts, bringing your account to their attention but also providing the potential for a repost or shout out, which brings your posts right in front of their whole list of followers.

Here are some of the best Instagram accounts to follow in the South American travel niche:


The ultimate inspiration and comprehensive guide to planning a trip around South America, and 171,000 followers agree.

It features all the must-see attractions and everything in between, like the world’s largest salt flats in Bolivia, and Cocora Valley in Colombia.

This is a great account to follow to see how it is done.

It’s the account to aspire to, within South American travel.

You can also use it for inspiration if you have any other type of travel account, to see the types of posts which are the most popular and receive lots of engagement.


Anna has almost 72,000 followers hanging onto her every word about living in Brazil.

She focuses her posts on the bright and colorful aspects of Brazil, particular Rio de Janeiro.

She features local kids, graffiti street art, beaches, mountains and skyscrapers within mountains.

Her account gives many ideas of things to do while in Rio, in the most picturesque way possible.

She heavily edits her photos, and it has proved very popular.

Follow her account to see her style and what is working for her, to give an idea of how she became one of Instagram’s Suggested Users.


Well known within the social media world of Latin America, this account boasts a big variety of travel photos from a host of community members.

They showcase pictures and videos of the history, culture and natural beauty found in this region the world.

It uses a branded hashtag #discoversouthamerica so it can keep tabs on people giving them shout outs and any photos that pique their interest.

They mostly post photos from travelers, so this is a perfect account to follow and tag.

If they choose to feature your photo on their feed, it’s automatically exposing it to their 233,000 photos.

When any of their followers click ‘like’, it’ll automatically appear in all of their followers’ Explore pages.

So the potential reach here is huge.


The official tourist board account of Peru uncovers all of the hidden treasures and iconic sites found in the country.

It’s a great first stop when planning a trip around Peru.

It includes the wonders of Sacred Valley, Colca Canyon, Saqsaywaman and Moray.

It advises Instagram users to add the hashtags #peru #visitperu or tag @peru for a chance to be featured on their feed, which is seen by almost half a million followers.

This is a fantastic opportunity for boosting the visibility of your posts.


This account focuses on the landscapes and wildlife you might encounter on a trip to eastern Bolivia.

Nick owns a tour company and uses his Instagram account as a marketing tool to show off what Bolivia has to offer.

His feed is full of the natural beauty of Bolivia and features local animals like snakes, sloths, parrots, and jaguars.

As he uses it for marketing, it’s worth commenting on his posts because he’s likely to want to engage with potential clients.

This will help start to form connections within the world of South American travel.

There are many accounts worth following in the niche of South American travel, both by backpackers, government bodies, tour operators and locals themselves.

Each focuses on a different element of the country/continent – landscape, wildlife, culture, food, history or local life – use them to help refine your account and get more followers on Instagram.