There are so many different accounts to follow within the niche of portrait photography – photography Influencers, traditional portrait photographers, quirky portrait photographers, and inspirational portrait photographers – that is can be hard to decide where to start.

If you have a portrait photography (or another type of photography) account, or maybe even an account focusing on sketches of faces or anything related to people or animal faces, it’s a good idea to follow related accounts if you wish to grow your Instagram account.

Start by thinking about the type of account you have, the feel of it rather than the subject matter to start with.

Is it serious and traditional, or do you try and incorporate humor or an unusual perspective?

From here, try and follow accounts with a similar tone because they are more likely to be interested in your content and follow you back.

Also, consider the subject matter, so if you have a serious tone and you focus on human portrait photography, try and follow accounts who have a serious tone and focus on photography or human faces.

It could be a very traditional portrait artist, it might not even be photographs.

The point is that you both appreciate the intricacies of a traditional portrait, rather than say a caricature or a pop art portrait.

Here are five of the top portrait photography accounts to follow:

I See A Different You

This account features a group of portrait photographers whose mission is to portray a different perspective of the people of Soweto, South Africa, than the struggling community shown in the media.

This is a great account to follow for all portrait photographers, but also any accounts relating to travel, different cultures, or South African life.

Comment on their posts to boost their engagement, they are sure to appreciate it because even though they have over 52,000 followers they don’t seem to get a huge amount of comments.

This can help you form relationships with new users as well as this account, and encourage people to follow you.

Martin Schoeller

Martin is a German-born portrait photographer who has photographed more A-list celebrities than you can count.

However, he doesn’t feature a single one of them on his Instagram feed.

His account focuses on beautiful portrait photographs, shot in his signature style, of homeless people from the Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition.

His captions tell the story of the subject – giving you plenty of information to use for adding a meaningful comment to the post.

This a great way to get involved in the community of portrait photographers and portrait photographer lovers on Instagram.

Once you start making these connections with people who share your interests, you will find your account growing and growing.

The best part is that all these new followers will likely stick around for a long time and engage with your posts because they are genuinely interested in your content.

AOV Portraits

This account posts stunning portraits and also aims to educate others into how to take beautiful portraits, offering editing tools and podcasts with tips.

They highlight different photographers with each post.

It also offers new photographers a place to upload their gallery on their app, great for those starting out and want to get their work seen.

Another way to be featured could be to tag them in any portraits you’ve added to your feed that you are particularly proud of.

Jessica Cathleen Photography

This Texas-based photographer runs a more whimsical account, think flowers, horses, fairies and long hair.

A great follow for people who have a quirkier personality or a fantasy-style account.

Tag her in anything you think she’d like to see, and she might give you a shout out, a follow back or a repost.

Engaging with her content is a great way to ‘meet’ like-minded individuals too.

Long Miles Coffee Company

This is, in fact, a coffee company, producing coffee in East Africa.

However, as part of their branding and marketing campaign they use their Instagram account to tell the stories of the coffee farmers in Burundi.

Kristy Carlson is the photographer behind these beautiful, non-traditional portraits.

Each portrait tells a story, from the bug-collecting ‘Summer Coffee Camp’ that brings together kids from nearby coffee hills to the families owning land, growing and picking the coffee beans.

This is a great account to follow and engage with for any photography or coffee lover!

There you have five different types of portrait photography accounts to get you started in expanding your number of followers on Instagram.

Growing your account organically like this is the best way to add followers who will stick around and engage with your content.