Influencers come in every shape, size, and category.

Parenting is something that affects a huge proportion of the population and as a result, has a huge presence on Instagram.

They mostly come in humorous form, mocking the ridiculousness of toddlers and #momlife, but also give great advice and tips.

Why do you need to follow these accounts?

I hear you cry! Well, in order to get followers, you need to be following people too.

It’s true that in an ideal world you’ll be following fewer people than are following you, but unless you’re Beyonce you still need to follow people in order to get followed.

People aren’t just going to follow you for nothing.

If you’re a parenting or mommy blogger, it’s a great starting point to follow popular accounts.

It helps on so many levels – keeping you in the loop of what you’re competitors are posting, opportunities for reposting and getting them to notice you, commenting and interacting with users who are similar interests or are interested in following parenting Instagram accounts.

By following their accounts, they will also give you ideas about what types of brands you could potentially be partnering with.

Here are some of the absolute must follow parenting accounts on Instagram.


This account is not only inspirational for working moms, but she is endorsing brands like Rubio’s Coastal Grill.

This might not seem like a conventional ‘mom’ partnership, so it’s great to see what kinds of options could be open to you as a Mom of Instagram.

With a little over 10,000 followers, she’s definitely Influencer status but not so big that your interactions will go unnoticed. Well worth following.


One of the many contributors at Scary Mommy, arguably the biggest parenting blog around, and a lot of these are worth following.

She has over 67,000 followers and although her Instagram account focuses mainly on hilarious text memes, she also has her own blog.


This hugely successful dad has over 715,000 followers.

He uses Instagram to post memes and links back to his website full of witty parenting merchandise.

It’s chockablock full of clothing, drinkware, and hats.


This comedy duo actually makes a successful living out of parenting stand up routines.

With over a quarter of a million followers, it’s no wonder their close to $100 per ticket shows were selling out.

On a US nationwide tour, I should add.

They are obviously forging a connection with the mom population out there, check out what they are doing and see if you can add some of their vibe to your account.


These girls say exactly what we are all thinking but too scared to say out loud. They post funny memes and partner with brands like EcoSmart.


This mom is also a Social Studies teacher and uses Instagram and her blog to combine parenting, fashion, and budgeting.

She has 23,4000 followers and has partnered with brands like Neutrogena.


This is more like a mockery of parenting website.

Obviously run by an actual adult, it’s from the point of view of a toddler who does not hold back, and hilarity ensues.

The popularity of this account has stemmed a few book deals, like The Big Bed from Macmillian Books, and Confessions of a Domestic Failure.

This is one of THE accounts to follow when it comes to Instagram parenting.


Babies, toddlers, kids (and even some adults) are notorious for being picky eaters.

Even if you have one of those kids who eat curry and sushi, it’s still pretty hilarious.

It documents all of the reasons various kids have rejected the food pictured.

For example, a bowl of cut grapes, because whole grapes are a top five choking hazard, with the caption, “#MyKidCantEatThis because they’re all “cracked open like Humpty Dumpty” and he “can’t eat things that are broken,” because they might “break him.” And “no one would be able to put him together again.”

Also worth noting that this account uses a branded hashtag of the same name in order to allow people to follow the hashtag and use it themselves.

This generates content for the account as well, when utilizing the repost option.


This account was started as a way for a mom to share photos of her daughter conveniently to family and a few friends without overposting on Facebook.

The pictures, however, were so cute that it soon escalated into a modeling contract for her daughter and deals with Toys R Us, Play Doh and Kardashian Kids.

This mom now rakes in between $150 to $5,000 per sponsored Instagram post.

There is definitely an abundance of mommy and parenting blogs and Instagram accounts, but these are some of the ‘best’ to follow in terms of growth opportunities on Instagram.

Once you’re following them, don’t forget to interact with their posts and other users’ comments on the posts, in a bid to get noticed and get more likes and followers on your own account.