If you have decided to create a travel account on Instagram, or already run one, a fantastic way to get more followers is to focus your account on a specific area of the world.

While there are many great continents, countries and cities, New Zealand is one of the best in terms of the opportunities to post stunning photos, which is of course what Instagram is all about.

It may be a small country but there are so many nooks and crannies of natural beauty hidden away. There are also a variety of travel websites such as Top Travel.

After focusing your niche on Instagram, the next step is to follow accounts similar to your own.

This is the first step in securing your place in the Instagram community you’re aiming to target.

It will also get you a few new immediate followers, and then once you start engaging with content similar to your own, it will result in even more followers.

Here are some of the best accounts on Instagram to follow within the New Zealand travel niche:

Pure New Zealand

The official tourism account for New Zealand is, of course, an excellent one to follow, it’ll give tips of hot spots within the islands and inspirational photos.

It’s also a great place to network with people interested in New Zealand travel.

It offers users the chance to tag their posts with @purenewzealand if they would like to be featured on their feed, and be seen by their 907,000 followers.

Once you are featured on someone else’s feed, the reach extends to all the followers of anyone who likes the post within their Explore page.

Shaun Jeffers

Auckland-based photographer Shaun Jeffers has over 84,000 followers desperate to see his latest post.

His account gives insight to local gems as well as more touristy spots like the Glow Worm Caves, albeit with more spectacular photos than the average tourist.

Chele Banks

To balance things out, head over and follow Michele Banks’ page, a NZ photographer based on the south island in Wellington.

One of the trademark features of her account is that all of her photos are taken by her, using her iPhone.

Mostly she focuses on Wellington but also includes photos from other south island getaways.

She shows off the different seasons found in the city, as the weather is a bit more diverse than up in Auckland.

As all of the photos featured are her own, you won’t be able to use this account as a way to expose your own posts.

However, she is very active in responding to comments on her photos, so this is a great account to set an alert to when she posts and get your comment in quickly.

The Adventure is Calling

Run by an Australian now living in New Zealand, it focuses a lot on the adventure side of the south island as she is based in Queenstown.

She has various partnerships, including with Choice Hotels NZ, and might give some good ideas for potential partnerships for your own account.

There are various angles to approach a New Zealand travel Instagram account, you can narrow it down to your local city, adventure sports, camping, hiking, beaches or stunning landscapes.

Once you’ve figured out what type of account you’re running and followed some similar accounts, you’ll find your Instagram account start to grow in no time.