Millennials make up around 60% of the active users of Instagram, so it naturally follows there are plenty of Influencers out there who happen to be in the millennial generation.

In order to get more followers to your own account, it can be a good idea to follow some of these millennials on Instagram because they are very highly engaged and active on Instagram. This means it’s very possible they’ll interact with your posts and help boost their visibility.

Here’s a guide of the best millennial Influencers to follow.

Meg DeAngelis

With over 2.1 million followers and over five million on YouTube, Meg is a top millennial Influencer. Her Instagram basically documents her everyday moments with beautiful photos.

She features in almost all of the posts and is considered authentic because of this. Her main career goal is to be an actress, and she uses her Instagram account to build her personal brand.

Jazz Jennings

Born in 2000, so only just making it onto the millennial list, she has 826,000 followers on Instagram. She has partnered with brands such as Neutrogena and Gillette Venus.

She is the youngest transgender figure to be in the public eye and began being interviewed about her experience from age six. She has gone on to publish books about it.

Damon and Jo

This duo has over 750,000 subscribers and defines themselves as a couple of multilingual 90s kids who love travel. Their aim is to fill the void of travel videos directed at their age group, as they noted there weren’t any specifically targeted for their generation.

Lilly Singh

One of the top millennial Influencers out there, with 8.6 million followers and counting. She remakes her favorite Bollywood songs and posts them across her social media platform.

King Bach

This account is a prime example of how millennials launch themselves and boost their careers in the direction they wish to go.

He started out making videos on Vine, and now has 15 million followers on Instagram and has launched his acting career off the back of this fame, appearing in The Mindy Project and House of Lies.

Arden Rose

Arden is the epitome of a millennial, posting videos of her musings about life as well as things like beauty tips.

In the face of so much technology, millennials can lack real life interactions, and as a result video posts with random thoughts someone is having can be very popular, as Arden demonstrates. They don’t experience this in real life because everyone is so distracted by their phones or rushing off somewhere, they don’t just sit down and philosophize like people used to.

These accounts should demonstrate (if you’re a millennial), you can really post just about anything on social media, no matter how random it seems.

You can also appear new and cutting edge by creating something as simple as a travel account. There aren’t many travel accounts targeted at this age group. Most are targeted at the luxury end rather than the experience of other cultures and adventures.

Everything can be new to a millennial. And since some studies have reported that millennials interact more on social media than they do in real life, Instagram is definitely going to be a big part of keeping millennials employed and engaged in the world. Following these accounts will help get more Insta followers to your own account, give you ideas and help you take the next step into the future.

Best Instagram Accounts To Follow: Millennials
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Best Instagram Accounts To Follow: Millennials
Millennials make up a large portion of the active users of Instagram, so it makes sense there are plenty of Influencers out there who happen to be in the millennials generation. Here’s a guide of the best millennial Influencers to follow.
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