Trying to grow the number of followers you have on Instagram can be a tricky task.

One way to attract new users to your account is to follow other accounts in the same type of niche as your own.

This automatically gets people’s attention and you’ll suddenly gain new followers, but the ones you should be interested in are from the interactions you make with these accounts.

You can like and comment on their photos, in the hopes of forming new relationships with them, but also on the bigger accounts, you can strive to build connections with their followers, who are probably going to be interested in your account if it’s within the same niche.

Here we suggest five of the best accounts within the luxury travel niche to help you get started.

Beautiful Destinations

This is hands down one of the most influential travel accounts on Instagram, with over 11.8 million followers.

Yes, following this kind of account can sometimes be of little immediate value in terms of valuable interaction, but it can be worth following to see how a highly successful Instagram account is run.

It’s run by Jacob Riglin, who offers online classes on how to take perfect photos and videos on his personal account.


This is a better account to follow in terms of having somewhere featuring your own luxury travel photos and getting new followers that way.

It’s the official account of Aman and thus showcased luxury travel at its absolute finest.

They encourage guests to use the hashtags #amanjunkie or #amanjunkies as part of their marketing strategy, but if you happen to be staying in or visiting their luxurious hotels, it’s worth using in case they give you a repost or shout out to their 241,000 followers.

Luxury Lifestyle Travel

This account is an ode to the extravagance of luxury travelers.

It’s a collection of photos from luxury travelers, and the bio gives the details of how to submit photos to the magazine and Instagram account.

There are two options, via email and using the branded hashtag #LuxuryLifestyleMagazine.


British blogger Jennifer Tuffen has 2.7 million people following her, and her posts consistently receive over 35,000 likes.

If you want to follow an aspirational account, this is the one for you.

Even just clicking follow on an account like this will get you new followers without even doing anything.

Once you start liking and commenting on her posts, you’ll find yourself getting even more followers to your account.

Luxury World Traveler

This account caters specifically to the non-budget minded individuals.

2.8 million users enjoy seeing various luxury posts featuring out of this world luxury in the form of destinations, villas, beaches, and honeymoons.

Interact with this account, submit your luxury photos via their email listed or tag them in your luxury travel posts and see how many new followers you receive.

One of the best ways to increase the number of followers to your Instagram account is to follow like-minded accounts.

Carefully choose them and decide which ones you want to focus on interacting with, and then set alerts when they add new posts.

This will help you say on top of things and be able to add the first comments to a new photo, which garners the highest response.