There are two types of people, those who stay in luxury hotels and those who want to stay in luxury hotels.

Either way, if you run your account right, one that focuses on luxury hotels is likely to be popular with a wide variety of Instagram users.

This is a very targeted niche and it’s focused specifically on the hotels, rather than a luxury lifestyle or luxury vacations, but it has the potential to reach a great number of interested users.

This is a particularly great niche to get involved with due to Instagram’s new booking feature, making it even easier to make money using Instagram as a marketing platform.

Here are five of the best luxury hotels Instagram accounts to follow for ideas, inspiration and to boost your own brand awareness in the community:

Uxua Casa Hotel & Spa

This Brazilian hotel has almost 30,000 followers and is an account you can really learn from, in terms of building lasting connections.

Combined with shots of the hotel, the feed also posts images of everyday local life, which helps create a special connection with your guests as they feel like they know the community before they arrive.

It’s this type of post that creates long-lasting followers.

Astarte Suites Hotel Santorini

A quarter of a million people tune in to daydream over these gorgeous Greek images.

A lot of the posts revolve around their infinity pool, and it’s not hard to guess why.

The color scheme is enticingly consistent too – azure blue skies and seas – making their homepage very pleasing to the eye.

This is worth following for this tip alone, the power of keeping your posts all in one color scheme and style can mean visitors to your page will click ‘Follow’ instead of clicking onwards somewhere else.

El Fenn Marrakech

114,000 people agree that this is an account worth following.

The hotel is owned by Richard Branson’s sister, Vanessa, and her team uses its Instagram account to showcase the beautifully decorated rooms and shared spaces, which perfectly merge modern with traditional Moroccan design.

This hotel has the unique selling point that it’s luxurious but very unique. It’s not your ‘average’ luxury, but draws people in with its intriguing design elements and use of bold colors.

Rome Cavalieri

This hotel account uses a combination of posts about its hotel and the local area.

Adding in posts about the local area is a smart move because it shows followers what there is to do in the area, which might persuade them into booking a stay at your hotel.

It also posts about the seasonal happenings at the hotel in advance, such as the New Years’ Brunch, so people can be aware of what’s happening at the hotel when thinking about when to take a trip.

Shangri-La Maldives

Use their posts for tips on success – for example, one post was of a stunning sunset and encouraged followers to comment below with who they’d like to share the sunset with.

Encouraging users to comment on your posts maximizes their visibility because a boost in engagement means it comes up higher and more frequently on followers’ feeds but also that it appears in your followers’ followers’ Explore page.

This account also shows how to use user-generated content.

You can either run competitions to generate it or you can search for hashtags to find photos of your hotel or local area and repost them.

Be sure to add in the photo credit.

These are five of the best luxury hotel accounts to follow on Instagram, and they all add value in different ways.

Once you’re following them and looking to them for tips on their success, also try engaging with their content as this is a great way to get noticed and get more followers on Instagram.